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  1. Hello and welcome. I look forward to your post about how dreamboat and free scripts got you hacked. All I ask, is in all fairness, stay away from any double xp streams, youtube scripts, etc. All jokes aside, welcome and hope you not only use the tools & resources provided here by the community but also find ways to contribute to it!
  2. isn't every dicing bot legit and rigged in the same way that every lottery ticket I buy is a winner and a loser at the same time?
  3. Smells like a rat. Rat by definition https://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/definition/RAT-remote-access-Trojan Before I continue, I would like to say that the probability of you getting a rat from a script is extremely unlikely. The reason i'd say it smells like a RAT is the fact that you left the account running over night and woke up hacked (if i'm reading that correctly? Otherwise probably just a keylogger). A RAT would allow someone to access your computer, pause the script, hack the account, then continue the scripts w/o your knowledge. To someone who isn't familiar or experienced them before, you would be tempted to blame the script/program you were using at the time as that is the most logical thing to you. Either way, sorry about your account.
  4. sr24

    Laptop suggestions

    Yeah, it ended up showing up late on friday. I took a stand due to it saying it was free one day shipping with prime, log in then it says it's two day free shipping but wouldn't be here till friday (3 days at the time). So I paid for that next day. Either way, by me complaining, it saved me $130+ on it when I already got the MacBook for $300 off.
  5. Thanks for your patience and help with me. I'm going to paste it all. I understand the f.getCouch(). However the Furniture f = new Furniture(); doesn't work for me because it passes 4 parameters if I'm not mistaken. Classes I have are: Dimensions, Electrical, Room, Furniture and Main. Dimensions: Furniture: Electrical: Room: and finally Main. I think I'm misunderstanding stuff somewhere along the way.
  6. I the whole thing I was trying to do which I didn't include in the code was System.out.println("Watching " + tvBrand + " " + tvSize + " tv on the " + couch); That was the main line i was trying to accomplish. Furniture, Electrical and some others tie into the class Room. Then everything comes together in the Main class. I'll have to switch to my laptop to post those later though
  7. I am wanting to call couch from furniture in a sout. In my Electrical class I have a watchTV(). I wanted to use + couch in there but I can not do so. So I'm trying to figure out how I could do that without moving couch from Furniture to Electrical..
  8. Question, I'm trying to understand why I can't use one value from one class in another. Like lets say I have class a and class b. in class a, I have declared a public String name; Used constructors and getters for class a. Now when it comes to class b and I'm trying to use that name, it is not inheriting it. Hopefully this makes sense, I don't wanna post all the code but i'm just trying to make sense of this.
  9. System Restore/Computer Reformat would both work. System restore if the restore point was prior to any Jagex. Honestly you can just open up your windows search under your C:/ and look for jagex . Anything that shows up, feel free to remove. The second you go back on runescape though, all those files or majority will come back, just with different values potentially.
  10. Idk I think runescape once had a threshold of QP for trade limits etc. I'd probably look into that. Honestly the idea behind obtaining QP is to make it seem like you are a legit player
  11. HELP cause i need somebody..HELP not just any body... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, every time someone says help, I start singing that song. Delete any jagex folder on your computer. Go into your router and change it to a dynamic ip. Also contact your ISP and state that you are worried someone is trying to hack your computer via your IP and that you would like an ip change. Jagex has taken a very firm approach on dicing recently so it could also just be some cases of bad luck.
  12. Because this isn't a DreamBot/localuser issue. It seems like a college networking issue. Quick google search brought me to here. I do not have any of these problems so I can not test it to help out but hopefully this video is helpful.
  13. There's been discussion about residential vs non. Letting new accounts rest vs not. My advice would be to bot a max of 2 hours at first. Do a lot of the easy quests that take no time but build up your quest points. Make it seem like you are a legit player. New accounts, high play times, intense level gains -> all things that I think factor in. Of course, I do not work for Jagex so this is all speculation.
  14. sr24

    Laptop suggestions

    Well here's my update with Amazon.. My MacBook Pro that I paid for expedited shipping on, still hasn't arrived. Me: Hi, when I placed my order, the original shipping day said available thursday. When I went to the check out, it showed friday. I paid for one day shipping, arrival thursday. The package just now shipped and says available tomorrow. I took off from work today to make sure I was here to sign for my package. You are now connected to Zerr from Amazon.com Zerr: Hello, my name is Zerr. I'm here to help you today. Me: Hello Zerr Zerr: It's my pleasure to assist a prime member like you. I'm glad you contacted us. I do understand that you expecting your order on Thursday.Don't worry, I will help you with this. Me: Thursday as in today, correct. Zerr: Please allow me a moment to check this for you. Me: okay Zerr: I can see here that your order will arrive tomorrow. Your order has entered the shipping process and is currently being packed for delivery. Me: This is unacceptable. Zerr: I'll be more than happy to set a personal follow up on this to make sure that your order will arrive. To help compensate for this we will refund the shipping cost once the order delivered. Me: While I appreciate that, it does not speed along my process any quicker nor does it help me for the time i lost due to a paid expected date. Zerr: I certainly understand your frustration. To help compensate for this error, let me issue a $5 credit as form of gift card. Though I know this will not cover the whole trouble, please allow me to do so as good gesture. Me: I would like a credit to my account and not my shipping amount. I paid for next day shipping TWO days in advance and the obligation was still not met. That is unacceptable. Amazon warehouse is locally here. I like shopping at amazon and chose them instead of a local store. Is there a supervisor I may speak with please. This was a high value purchase and when I paid for, not only prime but expedited shipping. I took off from work to ensure a signature was available. I fulfilled my obligations as well as cost. $5 off and my shipping cost is extremely infuriating. I had a $60 order that was late. was given $25 credit Zerr: Please allow me a moment . Me: now i have a nearly $3000 order shipped that I paid for expedited shipping on and you want to give me $14? $9 or so is the amount i already paid? Zerr: I certainly understand your frustration. One moment. Me: Okay. Zerr: Thank you for waiting. How about $50 once the order delivered, would that work? Me: The last time amazon was late, the $25 off was 41% of my total. I do not expect amazon to give me 41% off this order. But I lost time from work, lost productivity and still don't have my product. Will you give me $75 off and a gaurentee that the product will arrive tomorrow. I can not keep missing work due to the shipping of this Zerr: To be honest I can only issue a $50 credit as my limit. However, as an exception let me issue a $136.93. I hope this will work. Me: thank you can you gaurentee that it will arrive tomorrow? Zerr: Yes, I can Guarantee that your order will arrive tomorrow. Me: Thank you Zerr: I'll be more than happy to set a personal follow up on this to make sure that your order will arrive. Me: Please Zerr: Thank you for your time and patience Riley , I really appreciate it. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with today? Me: Will this amount be a store credit on my account or taken off the purchasing price Zerr: It wil be refunded back to the opriginal payment method. Me: Okay thank you You have been a big help Zerr, and while I am still extremely frustrated, I am no longer furious.
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