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    Hello and we have finally completed what was needed in order to release a new client update! The wait was not in vain, as we have plenty of updates which should make your botting/scripting experience and DreamBot much more enjoyable!


    v1.8 change log:

    Walking Improvements:
    	• New local path finding system! Much faster than before!
    	• New PathObstacle class, improving the obstacle handling.
    	• Revised GlobalPath and LocalPath, improving overall stability.
    GE Improvements:
    	• Fixed isGeneralOpen().
    	• Fixed buyItem().
    	• Improved accuracy of isBuyOpen().
    API Changes/Improvements:
    	• Added ForumRank to the API
    	• Fixed Item#useOn
    	• Fixed Interact#forceRight
    	• Added org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.pathfinding.data.TileFlags which is much easier to use than its counterpart.
    	• WARNING! Changes to the following packages: [location]; [severity]
    		• org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.pathfinding; MAJOR
    		• org.dreambot.api.methods.walking.path; MINOR
    		• org.dreambot.api.wrappers.map; MODERATE
    		• ^ Most changes for all the above are mainly deprecated classes/methods.
    		• ^ Please see API for more details. (Will be updated shortly)
    Other Client Fixes:
    	• Revised script class loading system. Now supports both .class and .jar files!
    	• Revised Mouse and Focus listener system.
    	• Fixed error associated with certain ranks.
            • Other misc. updates.

    This was a rather large update, so please report any bugs you may find here: http://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/forum/13-errors-bugs/


    We apologize for the delay in between our last update and promise to update the client more frequently from now on.


    We thank you all for patience and support and really hope you like this update, and expect much more soon to come!

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    Oh hell yes, release the beast! I was amped for this walking update, with a flawless web our creations will be limitless ! :D

    I know that this walking update took alot of co-ordination between the devs.


    Great job!

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