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DBUI - Custom GUI look & feel API

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So I wrote a small L&F library for Java Swing and I figured it would be cool to release it, considering it's been a while since I've posted anything in the educational section :) It would be cool to see those boring default GUIs disappear over time :ph34r:

I'm making this open source, and others are more than welcome to contribute to the cause because it's far from finished: DBUI Github page

A picture of what it looks like:


What's cool about this is that you're allowed to use this in SDN scripts, to give your scripts a bit more of that visual OOMF :D 

Basically, you can incorporate this UI by just changing any JComponent's name to DreamComponent. For example: JTextField = DreamTextField, JButton = DreamButton, ....

You can find an example called "ScriptFrame" in there too.

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Just want to casually mention that saying something is "open source" does not mean its "open source", as you need to attach a license to it. Without doing so, you are not actually giving people rights to use it. Like, MIT, Apache & GNU.

However, thanks for the code, I will definitely try it out, it looks good!

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