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    If you are VIP and good at testing let me know...

    Current version: 0.91


    Howdy everyone,


    So I figured that I would write a Blast Furnace script due to the potential the minigame offers in gp and xp per hour.


    Below is the current progress (in no order; task name - version):



    • Script skeleton - 0.1
    • Banking - 0.2
    • Support for non 60 smithing (paying the foreman) - 0.3
    • Adding ores - 0.4
    • Collecting bars - 0.5
    • Performance and stability improvements - 0.6
    • Paint - 0.6
    • GUI - 0.7
    • Randomizing actions and timings - 0.8
    • Leech mode - 0.81
    • AntiBan - 0.9
    • Potion support (energy/super energy, stamina) - 0.91

    Working on

    • Cooling smelted bars (if needed) -  on hold another model issue
    • Improve the antiban and script actions

    Not started

    • Operating the pedals (agility) - need the level...
    • Operating the pump (strength)
    • Repairing pipes, cogs and belt (crafting)
    • Refuelling the stove (firemaking)
    • Coal bag support
    • Single player mode
    • Team mode (blast furnace world, maybe bf chat worlds)
    • Support for high/low alchemy while waiting for bars
    • Support for blot enchanting while waiting for bars

    Bars currently supported

    • Bronze
    • Iron
    • Silver
    • Steel
    • Gold
    • Mithril
    • Adamantite (not tested yet)
    • Runite (not tested yet)

    Know bugs

    Clicking widget options when adding ores; sometimes doesn't work (Fixed- 0.5)

    Not collecting bars from the bar dispenser, unable to interact with the game object (Fixed- 0.7)


    Current GUI:



    If you have any suggestions then please let me know. :)

    Edited by Edict
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    Sweet. I've got some old code if you want it. A few ppl here at Dreambot have a Blaster in their arsenal ;D I hope to see u turn this into a really awesome creation.


    Also, add me on Skype @ Deffiliate if you'd lie to join the turtle scripters chat.

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