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    Good evening fellow botters,

    This is a project I have been working on for quite some time and I think it's finally ready to share. The script itself still might not come out for a while but I'd like to see if it's something that people would be interested in.

    Long story short, my goal for a while has been to create a bot that can obtain Barrows gloves by itself from scratch. I understand there's still a long way to go for this, but I have many systems in place that will make it much easier to accomplish. Essentially I have written a system that can plan out how to complete a quest with custom settings given by the user. Each quest I write requires very little code to be written by me, as the system can handle all banking, teleports, and the like. There are no hard-coded teleports or bank stops for any of the quests so far.

    Each combat quest will accept an equipment and inventory profile, possible multiple if there are multiple fights, and will plan the quest around bringing those items. You can even set the type of food you want to bring and it will calculate how much of that food will fit in your inventory based on what else you need to bring along. It can plan for multiple quests to be completed sequentially (eventually even simultaneously) and will know when it needs to stop at the bank to deposit and withdraw items.

    Any quest can be started from any point (almost), and the bot will only get the items required for steps it has not completed. This will also make it very easy for me to implement death-walking, as when the character dies I can have the script re-plan the quest from that point.

    Here are a few examples of how the system works on different teleport settings. I've chosen the quest Gertrude's cat to demonstrate.

    The first example is on the FASTEST settings, it will complete the quests as fast as possible even if it means spending a lot of money of expensive teleports. Here is it's plan for this, notice it will use teleports even when somewhat close to the target position and will use the expensive lumberyard teleport:


    Here is the plan with the NORMAL setting, it'll only use teleports when necessary and will prefer cheaper methods:


    And here is the plan with the SLOW settings, it will only use teleports when traveling great distances:


    To show an example of planning a quest with bank stops and combat sections, here's a plan for the Demon Slayer quest, while wearing Full Mithril and bringing along a prayer potion and some trout:


    And one last feature to show off for now. Some quests have special requirements for certain areas, like that no items may be brought along or that no combat equipment be brought along, the system can also support this, such as in the Waterfall Quest:


    Quests can be added to a queue using the following UI, currently quest requirements are not checked when they are added, but I will be adding that soon, so that large quest sequences may be created that are consistent with what level your character will be at the time. This is also integrated with my scripts that can do mining, woodcutting, smithing, etc, so that an account can be set free to level up and complete quests all on it's own.


    I will be looking for a few dedicated people to help me test this at some point, but I need to gather some funds to test it out on a few accounts myself first.

    Thanks for checking it out, and hopefully it'll be on the store somewhat soon for everyone to try out!

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    On 12/2/2018 at 6:35 PM, Nuclear Nezz said:

    @PolyesterZest any update on this? ;)

    University is getting pretty busy so not too much. Tested many of the quests a bunch of times, since there are many different paths it can take for each quest there are lots of small issues to catch.

    The main updates are that I wrote a json serializer to save quest settings and sequences so they can be easily repeated on many accounts. I am also working on a Hub controller that each bot will connect to over the internet, and the controller can send json instructions to each bot as well.

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    Sounds pretty solid!


    I'm just getting back into scripting myself and had an idea like this - Although, not as elaborate lmao.

    I'm just now plotting on a script which completes all F2P quests in random intervals while skilling/reaching req. items after tut island.

    Nowhere near the progress your at yet, but perhaps one day I will be.


    Anyhow, nice idea. I believe you're going to knock this out of the water - Can't wait to see updates.



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