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    1. Started working on this project pretty actively again, and I'm open to any help/collaboration that anyone offers. Here are the major updates since I last posted (basically forever ago) custom web node system for item/skill/quest requirements for shortcuts, so quest planning can have as much information as possible. It is combined with a stored map of collision data (on my server side) for fast exact path finding (kind of like Dax Walker). This should ensure that while communicating with my server, the bots should never get stuck or confused. I also store the locations of al
    2. I'm not sure if this is due to this release or the Thursday update of the game, but the LoginUtility is returning RSLoginResponse.DISABLED when the account is locked rather than ACCOUNT_LOCKED
    3. Me: I have been writing various bots for well over a year now. My main project has been a questing bot that can complete 35+ quests in the game while chaining quests together efficiently and automatically planning its own route. I also have a program set up to automatically run many accounts and coordinate them over multiple computers and proxies with muling! My program can automatically create and train as many accounts as I need for various farming methods. However, I have run into problems when it comes to the actual farming. My questing script hasn't resulted in any bans, but my attem
    4. rubex

      Over-world Walker

      I have submitted a compile request for an update to the script. I've added a loading bar for the world map since it takes a while to load especially on slow connections. I've also fixed a bug where it won't work when starting the script for the second time without refreshing the scripts list. If this script isn't working for you make sure you have given the client enough RAM to work with because the world map will take up a lot of RAM.
    5. Thought I should let you know, it's possible to tell if Dwarf Cannon is completed now, player setting 0. You don't get notifications in the Game Debugger when that config updates, but it'll be at 11 when the quest is done (and 1-11 for all intermediate steps)
    6. University is getting pretty busy so not too much. Tested many of the quests a bunch of times, since there are many different paths it can take for each quest there are lots of small issues to catch. The main updates are that I wrote a json serializer to save quest settings and sequences so they can be easily repeated on many accounts. I am also working on a Hub controller that each bot will connect to over the internet, and the controller can send json instructions to each bot as well.
    7. That is super impressive! That's what my goal has been for a while, with a quest script to automatically train the accounts. Do you mind me asking why you stopped doing med clues?
    8. There didn't seem to be a huge amount of interest in this project, so I switched my focus over to the Quest script I'm working on. Once I get that to a well workable state I'm going to finish up the Medium Clue solver as the profit per hour is much higher than Easy Clues
    9. Good evening fellow botters, This is a project I have been working on for quite some time and I think it's finally ready to share. The script itself still might not come out for a while but I'd like to see if it's something that people would be interested in. Long story short, my goal for a while has been to create a bot that can obtain Barrows gloves by itself from scratch. I understand there's still a long way to go for this, but I have many systems in place that will make it much easier to accomplish. Essentially I have written a system that can plan out how to complete a quest wi
    10. rubex

      Holding Shift

      This is a very simplified version of what I use: main.getKeyboard().pressShift(); for(Item item : itemsToDrop) { item.interact("Drop"); } main.getKeyboard().releaseShift();
    11. rubex


      The line if (wine.exists() && wine != null) should be if (wine != null && wine.exists())
    12. It is a List<Item>, so you can get the name, id, and amount of each item. It will only get filled once the bank is opened for the first time during the script's run though
    13. getBank().getBankHistoryCache() DreamBot already does this for you
    14. Now looking for one or two people to help me test this out! Send me a PM on here for some details on what I'm looking for, the script should most likely be coming out in the next week or two 😀
    15. Yes! I will post an update here soon. I now have all but 7 of the clue IDs figured out and every clue working. Only a few more small things to iron out and I'll be ready for beta testing.
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