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RuneLover's Gold Farm Progress Thread

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Posting my old gold farm progress thread. If some parts don't make sense it's because hyperlinks and image links are all missing. See the second post in this forum for the reveal.


Come along and watch my gold farm progress!
About me:
I quit my internship and started playing OSRS after a 5 year break. After discovering how expensive gold was I decided to try and farm it. Below are the results. Enjoy!
Start Date: 29/11/2016
End Date: 18/07/2017
P2P Money Making Method
All Prices are in Australian Dollar (AUD)
Date format is DD/MM/YYYY or DD/MM/YY
Latest update was posted on 25/04/17
Costs Breakdown:
Dreambot VIP: $11.09
Script: $7.50
6M OSRS GP: $15
2 X Bonds: $13.98
Total Startup Costs: $47.60
Additional Costs at 27/12/16
2 x VPS: $97
Additional Costs at 24/01/17
1 x VPS: $70
Additional Costs:
Dreambot VIP: $10.90 (06/01/17)
Dreambot VIP: $10.30 (06/02/17)
Dreambot VIP: $10.10 (06/03/17)
Dreambot Sponsor: $55.00 (06/04/17)
Total Costs: $300.90

Total Startup Costs: $47.60
4800M as of 25/04/17
Paypal Screenshots:

As of 01/04/17, I no longer sell using PayPal. Please see Major Update 3 for more details. 

Bitcoin Screenshots:

Bitcoin payments were accepted as of 01/04/17. See Major Update 3 for more details

Account Survival Hour Tally at 02/03/17

These are the top 10 longest surviving accounts. The top account has survived for over 3 months.
This table is no longer updated past 02/03/17 - See Major Update 1 for more details

Week 1 (29/11/16 - 05/12/16)
Accounts Active: 6
Bans: 2
Profit: 10.6M
Notes: Tried out two different methods this first week. The first method resulted in 2 bans while the second method had no bans

Week 2 06/12/16 - 12/12/16)
Accounts Active: 9
Bans: 0
Profit: 80.8M
Notes: Sticking with the second method from now on. Added an additional 5 accounts this week. Started botting for longer periods each day.

Week 3 (13/12/16 - 19/12/16)
Accounts Active: 9
Bans: 0
Profit: 103.8M
Notes: Stopped creating additional accounts and increased botting time per day and reduced amount of breaks taken. Reached all the available CPU power on all of my computers.

Week 4 (20/12/16 - 26/12/16)
Accounts Active: 9
Bans: 0
Profit: 115.4M
Notes: This is my third week running only 9 accounts. I haven't had time to expand to a VPS due to Christmas and New Years celebrations. I'm hoping to introduce additional accounts and a VPS next week.

Week 5 (27/12/16 - 03/01/17)
Accounts Active: 22
Bans: 0
Profit: 180M
Notes: Setup an additional 13 accounts. Added two VPS's hosting 9 bots each. Began investing in two additional money making methods which both yield more profit with less intensive setup and requirements.

Week 6 (04/01/17 - 11/01/17)
Accounts Active: 10
Bans: 20
Profit: 116.6M
Notes: Every account botting on the VPS's was banned after several days. So I cancelled both VPS's and my original accounts are continuing to farm gold on my computer. RWT'd 260M for a total of $338 USD or $460 AUD and made a profit on my initial investment.

Weeks 7 - 10 (12/01/17 - 08/02/17)
Accounts Active: 9
Bans: 12
Profit: 400M
Notes: Tried out another VPS and all accounts were banned in a matter of days. I figured out what's getting them banned and VPS's are no longer worth while for my style of botting. Still botting the 9 original accounts. Sold 120M gold to some friends for $120.

Week 11 (09/02/17 - 16/02/17)
Accounts Active: 25
Bans: 1
Profit: 150M
Notes: I used all the profit to buy a new gaming PC and re-purposed my old computer as a dedicated botting server. Added an additional 17 accounts. One account was banned for macroing and it's absolutely fascinating why it was banned. It also gave me insight into why my previous accounts were being banned. Hint: It has something to do with the email domain name you sign up with - so choose your email provider carefully.

Week 12 (17/02/17 - 23/02/17)
Accounts Active: 27
Bans: 2
Profit: 171M
Notes: This week started off really well with only 2 bans and big daily profits. Due to the constant disconnections it was running at half capacity for 2 days and hasn't been running at all today so profit is about 130M short of where it should be. 

Week 13 (24/02/17 - 02/03/17)
Accounts Active: 25
Bans: 0
Profit: 74M
Notes: I only resumed botting these past 2 days due to the disconnections so profit is down. RWT'd 35m for $50 to a mate. 
This is the end of weekly updates! Only major updates will be posted from now on (e.g. chain banned, 99's, quitting, expansion). If I haven't posted in a long time just assume I'm still making absolute bank. 

Major Update 1 - 15/03/17 (Reaching 99)
Accounts Active: 25
Bans: 1
Profit: 600M (02/03/17-15/03/17)
Notes: I have successfully botted an account to 99 fully undetected. The accounts value is now $80 and with another 8 accounts to achieve 99 in the next 14 days I'm going to make even bigger bank off my farm. The price of my materials has decreased and I am now earning minimum 350M per week. I have stopped updating the account survival hour tally as the maximum hours an account will be botted is 1500 at which point they reach 99 and are consequently sold.
Major Update 2 - 24/03/17 (Chain banned and future plans)
Accounts Active: 16
Bans: 10
Profit: 700M (16/03/17-24/03/17)
Notes: I had plans this week to fully automate the muling process and acquire another PC to double the output of my farm. However, I wasn't expecting to wake up this morning and have 10 accounts banned including my mule. So those plans are still in motion but now they are pushed back a few days. I was not expecting my mule to be banned so it still had a lot of gold on it. 

Major Update 3 - 05/04/17 (Mule automation, expansion and chain ban analysis)
Accounts Active: 35
Bans: 5
Profit: 600M (25/03/17-05/04/17)
Notes: The last 2 weeks have been extremely busy. Massive thanks to @Lost Fedora for writing several very high quality scripts which automate my morning and nightly muling. He's a very talented and dedicated individual who goes above and beyond to make sure you're happy. Checkout his Script Emporium here. Also, checkout @Dinh's script shop here.
I successfully recovered from my first chain ban and have added an additional 19 accounts. I have acquired another retired gaming computer from a friend which will increase my active accounts to 40. This expansion is all credited to @Lost Fedora's muling scripts. Muling was the only element holding me back and his scripts enabled such rapid growth. Daily profit is 50-60M and earnings are similar to a part-time job here in Australia. Much of this periods profits have been re-invested in account creation and materials and I have began selling in Bitcoin to avoid fees.
The last topic for this update is the chain ban analysis. I was able to determine what caused the chain ban and can say that I'm rather confident there won't be anymore. What I can't seem to figure out is how the first account triggered Jagex's system to identify the associated accounts.
So here's a challenge.
The user who provides the best explanation as to how Jagex identified and banned the associated accounts in the chain ban will be rewarded with 100M OSRS GP. 
The best explanation will answer the following questions using the below facts.
Why were these 10 accounts banned and not the 16 others which were all created at the same/similar times with sometimes the same IP? (Accounts are created in batches). What linked all the accounts? Some of the banned accounts were made in the same batch as other surviving accounts.
The relevant facts;
The accounts were created on at least 5 different IP addresses
The accounts were all created on seperate days or a cluster of days (See image below)
The mule was being traded by 25 accounts twice daily
All (banned and non-banned) accounts were all on the same IP address for 3 days before the chain ban
These are the accounts that were chain banned and their created dates. Account 10 is the mule.

If you do not wish to share your explanation with the community please PM it to me.

Minor Update 3.1 - 25/04/17 (Progress Update)
Accounts Active: 40
Bans: 4 and 1 name change
Profit: 1400M (05/04/17-25/04/17)
Notes: This Minor Update is just a quick update regarding the progress of the farm. The last week and a half has been very busy. I successfully added an additional 14 accounts bringing the total number of active accounts to 40. Daily profit is now on average 65M and weekly profit varies between 420M-500M depending on the price of materials. Time spent on the operation every day is 30-45 minutes thanks to my muling automation and Dreambot QuickStart feature.
40 accounts is now the maximum number of accounts I can run on the hardware I currently have. With my studies getting more intense I don't expect further expansion to occur until June/July. Other limitations such as bandwidth are also causing concern for the future of this gold farm. In the mean time, I'll only be posting minor updates with major updates coming in June/July unless a major event occurs (i.e. chain banned, quitting). 
Question: Why don't you reveal your method?
Answer: Revealing my method would be unwise. It has the potential to spoil this almost untapped method and also removes the allure of this progress thread.
Question: Why don't the PayPal/Bitcoin screenshots show the amount you should've earned from selling all that gold and the amount of money you claim to earn in your signature?
Answer: I've lost over 500M from bans and a small portion of the gold was sold to my mates for cash/bank transfer. The PayPal screenshots are also from a time where I only ran 20-30 accounts. The figure in my signature is representative of what I am currently earning.
Question: Why don't you upload pictures of your gold stack?
Answer: Sadly, I'm constantly buying materials for the next day of botting so I rarely have a cash stack bigger than 150M. Also, daily profits are sold either same or next day so the stack rarely grows. I substitute this with photo's of my PayPal and Bitcoin transactions.
Question: Where do you sell your gold?
Answer: Up until April 2017 I sold exclusively to other players using playerauctions.com. However I'm simply not a gold seller and the effort, communication and time needed to sell gold is very intense. So now I sell direct to major gold sites in exchange for Bitcoin which is far easier and allows me to get paid instantly without the hassle.
Question: How do you have so few bans?
Answer: Each account is hand prepared and different skills are trained to give the appearance of a legitimate player. This process does take some time however paired with my method it enables the account to bot over 1500 hours. 
Question: What advice would you offer someone trying to start a gold farm?
Answer: I'm more than happy to provide advice to newcomers! Feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to get back to you.

(Week's 1 to 6)
Started with 2 accounts, 6M, a script and no OSRS botting experience.
Over 6 weeks this grew to 30 accounts, 700M and multiple scripts.
Overall it cost me $144.60 AUD to start, maintain and grow the operation.
I RWT'd 260m for $460 AUD. Making back my original investment plus $316 AUD in profit.
(Week's 7 to 10)
Took a break and went on a holiday.
Came back and setup a VPS and added 12 additional accounts for 400M profit.
Botting on the VPS was resulting in a lot of bans so I cancelled it.
Still botting my 9 original accounts.
(Week's 11 to 13)
Previous week's profits paid for my new gaming PC.
Old gaming PC became a dedicated botting server.
Disconnections put my farm on hold for 8 days.
Week 13 is the last weekly update.
(Major Update 1 - 15/03/17)
Successfully botted to 99 on my first account with no bans.
Earning minimum 350M per week.
Stopped updating Account Survival Hour Tally.
Accounts are sold when they hit 99 for increased profit.
(Major Update 2 - 24/03/17)
Plans are going forward to double the output of my farm
Working on halving the time required to mule the accounts
10 accounts were chain banned including my main mule
Farm will be back to normality in 1-2 days (25 accounts, 50M per day).
(Major Update 3 - 05/04/17)
Muling is now fully automated thanks to @Lost Fedora
Output has almost doubled and daily profits are 50-60M
I issued a challenge to the Dreambot community
(Minor Update 3.1 - 25/04/17)
Operation takes 30-45 minutes per day
Daily profit is 65M and weekly profit is 420-500M
Expansion to come in a few months time
The farm has reached a plateau

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Edited so it reads better. 


My original goldfarm progress thread was deleted due to privacy concerns.

I started a goldfarm back in December 2016 and made over $35,000 USD. I had up to 100 accounts making cannon balls at Edgeville furnace using Lily's auto cannonballer script.

The setup was on 5 old gaming PC's running 20 accounts each. Accounts were run 12/7 with randomised breaks. The PC's were all connected to my home network sharing the same IP address. The accounts were all hand made using PVA Yahoo accounts. All requirements to craft cannon balls were done manually. I could complete 6 accounts in 2 hours starting from creating the account to having them ready to craft cannonballs. Most accounts made it to 99 smithing and some even lasted to 20M XP.

At the peak (approx 1.5 months in) I was making 150M per day ($200AUD or $150USD). Originally I was using Playerauctions to advertise gold and accepting Paypal. Some friends at university told me about bitcoin so I started selling to Bogla for bitcoin when it was sub $1200USD ($1600AUD). 

Bitcoin started to moon so the gold I sold for $170USD the previous day was worth $250USD the next day. As you can imagine I'm selling this gold everyday and it wasn't long until I was making $1000 a day or $3000 in a weekend during the bigger moon periods.

I began the operation keeping very accurate records but that went to shit once bitcoin was mooning and I started to spend the money. All together I made between $6000-9000USD from selling gold which converted up to $50,000USD in Bitcoin. Using some of the proceeds I spent $10,000AUD on holidays to Thailand, Vietnam and Newcastle (in Australia). 

Imgur album of some screenshots from my Excel Spreadsheet used to track the bot farm

Longer Version;

After 5 years break from OSRS I started playing again and got involved in botting. Originally I was looking for an auto-alcher to get 94 magic but after seeing how expensive gold was ($0.7-1.20USD) I started looking into money making methods.

The Method:

I started with blast furnace and was quickly banned. After much research I understood that higher m/hr = higher chance of ban. I saw that making cannonballs was a modest 170K/hr and decided to trial some accounts using Lily's auto cannonballer. To limit the number of factors I decided to hand make the accounts from scratch.

Account Creation:

I purchased 1000 Yahoo PVA mail accounts for $15. All accounts were created in batches of 6 from my home IP address. I would register the accounts one-by-one via the OSRS website always using unique names. I would login to each email address and confirm the account just like a regular player would. I would then open 6 OS Buddy clients. Every account was always a female with red/blonde/white hair wearing a skirt with different tops. I would then walk them through tutorial island click-by-click similar to a chinese botfarm. Once in lumbridge I would trade over all supplies from my mule account.

I would walk the accounts to draynor/south fally cow farm and AFK splash chickens until the reached combat level 12. With all the quest items in my bank/inventory I completed the knights sword and dwarf cannon quests. I then levelled them to 35 smithing at varrock west bank. Once I collected the cannonball moulds I walked them to edgeville and logged out. 


I used 5 old gaming computers running 20 accounts each. All computers were connected to the same network using the same IP address. 


The accounts ran 12 hours a day with randomized breaks every hour. For example an account would bot for 1hr 7mins then take a break for 9mins. Sometimes it would bot for 2hrs and take a 20min break. 


The night before I would buy up to 700k steel bars on 8 different muling accounts to get around buy limits.

In the morning I would split the steel bars between 2 main mule accounts (350K each). I would walk these 2 mule accounts to edgeville and start the custom muling script which would trade over 7k steel bars to each account. 

In the evenings a second custom muling script would trade over cannonballs and any unused steel bars back to the main 2 mule accounts. I would then trade all of this to my king mule which would sell the cannoballs via the exchange overnight. 

To avoid suspicion of 40+ accounts trading my mule I used PVP worlds where edgeville bank was very busy.  


I originally sold gold via Playerauctions and took payment via Paypal. After some friends at university told me about Bitcoin I looked into it and saw sites like Bogla were using it to avoid excessive payment fees from Paypal. Shortly after starting I decided to start exclusively selling to Bogla for Bitcoin. At the beginning Bitcoin was about $900USD. After about month bitcoin was up to $1600USD and I was starting to see the price of bitcoin increase. On the days where I lost 4 accounts or I only had half the accounts running I was still making minimum $200 because the price of bitcoin was jumping everyday. 

I didn't keep records of the money earn't or my spendings. So I can only estimate that I made between $6000 and $9000USD in Bitcoin from the botting operation. Tallying all my bitcoin up I had about 7 bitcoins from the operation which after I had spent some to go on holidays, left me with about $35,000USD. Before the holidays the amount would've been closer to $50,000USD. 

So really while the botting was a huge success it was only made better by bitcoin mooning. 


There were a number of random chain bans and single account bans. On several mornings I would check and see 6/50 accounts were banned or 20/72 accounts were banned. I always had at least 6 accounts ready to bot. The bans were so infrequent that I could easily keep up with the low ban rate. Most accounts made it to 80+ smithing and at least 20 accounts made it to 99 smithing and were sold. Whoever was buying these accounts was using them at blast furnace and getting them banned within 3 days. At $40 a pop they were wasting some serious money. 

None of my mules were ever banned despite trading the bot accounts. None of my RWT accounts were ever banned.

What about VPNs, VPSs and Proxies?

The only time I used VPSs I received massive chain bans. After that I never used them again and only ever had a few chain bans after that. I never used VPN's or Proxies to hide my IP address or make it seem like there were less accounts coming from the same IP address. I never believed in this stuff from day one and my beliefs were made true when 10+ accounts made it to 99 smithing.

Key Factors and Observations

  • I was unemployed at the time
  • Everything was done by hand except for smithing cannonballs and muling
  • I only ever had problems with bans when I used VPNs, proxies, tutorial island scripts (bought + paid), questing scripts (bought + paid), smithing scripts for 35 smithing (bought and paid)
  • Bans were always less frequent on my home network using the same IP address for weeks at times
  • The funniest ban was for an account with the name 'EM1LYF4KED' which I was forced to change the name for
  • I joined the reddit07 cc and spoke to people while I was preparing the account
  • I always made sure each account had 10-30 friends on the friend list and 5-10 accounts on the ignore list
  • Any VPS advertised for OSRS botting will get you an instant ban
  • Player reports are a huge factor in bans
  • I had depressing and de-motivating days where I would lose 20+ accounts and +100M but I persisted
  • I smithed iron daggers for 35 smithing
  • Breaks are important
  • My router/modem was reset every 3-4 days for which my ISP gives me a new IP address
  • If I did this again I would have twice the amount of accounts and have a morning and night shift


Edited by RuneLover
updating format.

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This post has been consolidated in post 2 of this thread.


Some more information;


All the accounts were created by hand. I would register them on my regular IP address on the OSRS website then make sure they were verified using the verification email Jagex sends you when you create an account. I would complete tutorial island by hand on 6 different accounts at once. It took about 30 minutes to take 6 accounts through tutorial island in 6 different OS buddy windows.

In an effort to make the accounts appear humanistic I would give them some random but relevant names. The funniest name I made was 'EM1LYF4KED' which was reported so much that I was forced to change it's name lol. Once tutorial island was done I would use my mule to trade over supplies. I would splash the accounts at the Falador chickens so they had 9 or 10 combat to make them appear more human like. I would dress them in different coloured robes and equip some random staffs/weapons. I would join the reddit 2007 clan chat and then add 10-20 friends and 5-10 ignores to make it seem like a normal player whose just starting out. While I was levelling/questing I would talk in the clan chat a little on each account. 

Every step you see in the screenshots about setting up and preparing an account was done BY HAND. it took my roughly 3 hours to prepare 6 accounts. Seems like the biggest effort but lily's script was keeping these accounts alive for 1000+ hours easily reaching 99 and making absolute bank... these accounts were botting everyday for 3 months straight lol and none were banned. 

I had 4 computers running 18 accounts each. 3 old gaming computers that I bought from friends and 1 old laptop. So 72 accounts all botting 12 hours a day all from the same IP address on 4 different computers. All the accounts took randomised 6-20 minute  breaks every 1-2 hours.I learnt so much about Jagex's anti-cheat and how shit it is. At least once a week I would have 0-20 accounts being banned. But I always had accounts prepared and ready to be put in. I could keep up with the bans fairly easily. 

Things I learned about Jagex's anti-cheat. Lots of VPS which are advertised for OSRS botting are already flagged by Jagged and your accounts won't last more than 24 hours. Don't bot tutorial island unless you have an insane private script. Don't use free scripts - free script = free ban. Jagex relies HEAVILY on player reports. All my level 3 accounts were getting banned because it literally takes less than 10 seconds to report a player and everyone at edge ville furnace was on alert. Jagex bans in waves. Some days 3/6 accounts would be banned.... why weren't the other 3 banned???? - I never understood how this worked but I'm guessing their review process failed to find any bot like behaviour.

I tried a bunch of free, paid and private questing scripts to complete the knights sword and dwarf cannon but the accounts ALWAYS ended up banned. SO the time saved wasn't worth it because if an account was banned before 3 days then I lost money because bonds were 3mil back then and the accounts were only making ~1mil per day. Same goes with smithing iron daggers for 35 smithing. The accounts were always banned so I figured easier to just do it by hand. 

When reading this you must remember I was unemployed at the time lol... so I had ALOT of spare time.

Edited by RuneLover

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