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  • Our New SDN Manager!

    Nuclear Nezz

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    Hello Community,


    After quite a longer delay than we were hoping, I'm happy to announce who our new SDN Manager is.

    This means you should see once again a steady time frame for requests to be completed.

    @MrBananaMan will be our new SDN Manager.


    As we've already explained, we found someone outside of the current forums. I can assure you he is qualified to look for malicious code. It may also take him some time to get into a routine and lock down all the ins and outs of handling your requests.

    He will also be handling the scripter+ tests, and possibly the ++ tests. If you were waiting for me to give you your test, bump your applications again.

    As with all new staff, we will fully appreciate any feedback on him that you have (please keep it constructive.) and we will not tolerate any abuse.

    Any not constructive criticism will be ignored, and may fall into the category of abuse.


    If you have any suggestions for him, now would probably be the time to send them to him. (Mostly on the tests and how they're given.)


    Now everybody please welcome him.



    The Dream Team

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    Glad to see a new SDN Manager and GL.


    Suggestion for S+ tests. Don't base it solely on the API. Have some 'real' Java in it too.

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    Glad I can be here, I'll make everything as timely and easily done as possible.


    Feel free to message me with any concerns or requests, trying to ease my way in, but doing it in a fashion to get things rolling and on the ball again.


    Welcome glad to see a new SDN manager, will he also be on Discord as a easier way to contact him?

    I'll be around Discord soon, can currently contact me here or Skype, was waiting for the transition to start before I made a full time move into Discord, I'll be there soon enough.

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