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    I just tried 6 different wcing scripts off the SDN, none of them worked. I was even trying the easiest scripts to code, a power wcer and all 6 failed lmfaoooo. I did not know this botting client was some kind of joke or decoy set up by another legit botting website. I just dont know why... Anyway the SDN fails hard af and im assuming staff must not maintain that well either.

    The best part is, almost everyone had a GUI with the script, which why the fuck would you need a GUI for a power wcer? lmfao, just have the script detect closest tree, and if account has the lvl to chop that tree, if not find next closest until one with lvl required, it found.


    This community is a fucking fail and a half. Thanks for the help people

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    Just joined, allready complaining. I am pretty sure that 95% of the Woodcutters work.

    Maybe spend some time and actually get into the bot set your Zoom to default and try again

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    When you say that none of them worked, what do you mean specifically?

    As far as the rest, not everybody wants a power chopper that will just chop anything nearby. Most people like to have more control over what the script is doing.


    If you have a script suggestion that you think somebody should make, you could either make it yourself or you can suggest it to a scripter to make. :)

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