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  1. Pretty sure you can't run 200 bots with that. More like 100
  2. There are many reports from players who claim that they were banned without botting. Of course, they might be lying but I doubt that everyone is lying. Other than this, you can't prove it unless a mod states it. However, there is no point debating about a false positives since there is no such thing as the perfect system so what I stated either happened or is bound to happen. My point is that they review accounts superficially and if there is a high possibilty that the user is a bot they will just ban the account. I don't want to convince you on anything, I'm just stating my opinion
  3. Hmm. Anyway, my point is that any bot-like players will get banned even if they aren't bots.
  4. 8. Being false banned doesn't mean there was no reason. It means you were suspected of being a bot. If you try to play like a bot (which is pretty hard but possible) you will eventually be banned.
  5. Yes. They filter players that have abnormal characteristics. Above average playtime/day, above average clicks/unit of time ...etc. They also compare your player profile with known bot profiles from their database. If overall you deviate too much from a normal player you will get banned. The reason the system works so well is because they don't ban with knowing for sure that you're a bot. In the past they banned players that played very efficient like Autumn Elegy who used to do streams of 24hours and used AHK and played overall very efficient.
  6. You need to start with something easier. Either that or divide your goal into small tasks and try working on a single task till it's done and move to the next one. There are too many things wrong with your code logic, you need to learn some basics first.
  7. Quickstart can only read some parameters from your .bat. It's up to you to choose what parameter you give. For example, if you want to enable muling on a script you could use quickstart to pass a boolean parameter "true" to your script.
  8. I think that you can override the method that calculates the path of the mouse.
  9. conf is the config value of the : getPlayerSettings().getConfig(43) 0 is attack, 1 is str, 2 is probably stab/shared whatever, 3 is defense p = the parent of the attack style widget c = the child of the attack style widget gc = the grandchild of the attack style widget
  10. just sleep(random(221, 451)) and you will never get banned
  11. Creating the area every time you want to return the object. Pls