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  1. Does this work? handle resize? Or is it gonna constantly be outdated like hashes and get stuck? Want to try before I buy, Ive tried a few w no luck.
  2. Is there not a way to use quicklaunch without a text file param? orrr hmmm
  3. It takes some... tweaking/modifying on your own end. Theres nothing wrong with the script, it's all in how you leak yourself to jagex. Really think about that.
  4. Hey Manly, this is pretty good and I like how you have some anti-ban. My only suggestion(s) would be: Could you maybe make it run away if it gets into fights and world hop when trying to mine - only? Also stay-in-place is bugged a little, varrock west mine by the single clay and tin node, it will actually walk back and fourth sometimes instead of stand inbetween and mine each. And, when running several instances I find it a little slow/laggy compared to some others. It also sometimes highlights tin when you only select clay, but still mines the correct rock, for example. And, perhaps having it walk to a few preset locations would be nice. Aside from that, well done! If you felt like looking into any of these that would be fantastic!
  5. I'll talk where I like. Fix your stuff, been 3 days and its still broken. 1 button. Maybe if you fixed your stuff as swiftly as other scriptwriters, aka Manly, Czar...etc, I wouldn't have to mention it many times- OR if your that busy, if you wanna sell products that can break, have someone else manage it for you. Clearly you're too busy and can't adequately manage what you sell - respectfully I will be wanting a refund for this too, and Magic if the Alching hasn't been updated, again, - very simple fix. Been 7 days... This, #1 Magic (Alch) do not work properly, and your mixer.
  6. Also, some hidden update today broke the tut script just after the bank leaving the house Wont perform that task step. Man, almost all of your scripts rn are bugged https://gph.is/g/4gBKAWL
  7. Hey man, I've noticed a lot of accounts are purple/pink and look the same, the default option would probably be better lol, It's color changing scheme isnt the best lol, anyway to add a few more clicks for randomness with character appearance? Or my RNG sucks
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