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  1. miss u bby

  2. Whenever you get to this, if you cant' get it to work (I understand that windows is a bitch sometimes), can you at least cluster all of those tmpDB folder inside a single folder, instead of having them just laying around inside the %userprofile%? That makes clearing them a 2/3 click process.
  3. I think this could be an option under client settings "Clear temp data on startup", mostly to clean up all the tmpDB stuff
  4. Thought on this some weeks ago but never thought people would share the same opinion as me. I was wrong. I upvote this.
  5. one step closer edit 2: update bable announcement lmao
  6. Challenge accepted. I'll give you three, just to completly rekt you in any way possible. 1. 2. 3. sit.
  7. Haven't paid a lot of attention to your code, but I noticed that you're using getLocalPlayer().getHealthPercent(). In the past, this method revealed as not completly functional for me. That for, if you even encounter problems with it, I suggest a simple change to: getSkills().getBoostedLevels(Skill.HITPOINTS) / (float)getSkills().getRealLevel(Skill.HITPOINTS) It returns in a form of [0; 1] but you can change that to [0, 100]% by just multiplying the whole thing by 100 (and maybe cast it to int, rounding it down if necessary). Good job with the script anyway!
  8. push that to the SDN, get that blue rankerino
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