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  1. one step closer edit 2: update bable announcement lmao
  2. Challenge accepted. I'll give you three, just to completly rekt you in any way possible. 1. 2. 3. sit.
  3. Haven't paid a lot of attention to your code, but I noticed that you're using getLocalPlayer().getHealthPercent(). In the past, this method revealed as not completly functional for me. That for, if you even encounter problems with it, I suggest a simple change to: getSkills().getBoostedLevels(Skill.HITPOINTS) / (float)getSkills().getRealLevel(Skill.HITPOINTS) It returns in a form of [0; 1] but you can change that to [0, 100]% by just multiplying the whole thing by 100 (and maybe cast it to int, rounding it down if necessary). Good job with the script anyway!
  4. you need to have it on a repo
  5. push that to the SDN, get that blue rankerino
  6. I like your profile pic

    1. rXull


      I like you 😍

    2. Lem0nz
  7. For those who don't get the HumbleBundle newsletter or don't know about it and like CK2 or might want to get into it, there's a bundle with a lot of the game expansions for a cheap price. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/crusader-kings-2-bundle 👍
  8. Hai. For the lazy ones, with this bat you'll be able to run it and delete your cache and you won't even need to know where it is, oh wow ez pz Open notepad (or notepad++, sublime, brackets, atom, whatever editor you have/want) Paste the code shown bellow Save the file somewhere in your filesystem as deleteJagexcache.bat (the name doesn't matter, but the .bat extension is very important!!!!) Run the previously saved bat, preferably as Administrator (right click on it, and hit Run as Administrador, bcuz windows bruh ) @RD /S /Q "%userprofile%\jagexcache" pause Alternativelly, you can open the windows explorer, and on the bar at the top, you can type %userprofile%\jagexcache hit ENTER and you'll be inside the jagexcache folder.
  9. Neat af, looking for further updates
  10. but I don't wanna pay more than 100M
  11. That's a sad fucking story 😕 I appreciate that, saved me a couple of time +1 xD
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