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  1. Unpopular cannon spot with no competition - 50k+ ranged xpEats tuna if below 5hp (for 1 def 10hp accs) will walk to safespot and logout if out of food or cannonballs START WITH TUNA AND CANNON BALLS IN INVENTORY PLACE CANNON AT COORDINATE THAT IS SHOWN IN DISPLAYED IN THE PAINT FOR BEST XP RATES
  2. Hi I was interested to see if there was demand for lvl 3 tut accs that have been through the following process: 1. Email registered 2. Account locked 3. Account unlocked using email How much would you be willing to pay per acc?
  3. claybotter


    PKing script for free to play Ever wanted to control more than 1 account for PKing? you've come to the right place! This script allow you to control as many accounts as you want using commands in a CC. Set an account as leader, who ever the leader attacks, the accounts running the script will attack as well. (CAREFUL: TRADING OR FOLLOWING ON THE ACCOUNT DESIGNATED AS THE LEADER WILL ALSO SIC THE SCRIPTED ACCOUNTS!) Every account individually eats depending on their health, teleports when it's low health and will regroup with the leader account if it strays too far. Start off the script with setting an account as leader by typing /leader with the account you want to lead with. Commands: /leader - make an account leader /fi - makes the account stop attacking and follow the leader /off - makes the account death dot under you. /energy - restores energy up to full as long as their energy pots in the inventory /tele - makes them teleport /bow - Switches the weapon to a maple shortbow /scim - switches the weapon to rune scimitar Message @Mokles
  4. claybotter


    Multibot to pk with multiple accounts. They all attack who the leader is attacking. More details will be added.
  5. This script will loot at the rev caves. Requirements: Lumby Spawn Amulet of glory(6) Burning amulet(5) Antidote++(2) Super Energy(4) Lobster Bracelet of ethereum Revenant ether Starting: Lumby Spawn Will teleout if attacked by another player It has some trouble with looting some items and will be fixed in future version. This is my first script that I am publishing on Dreambot.
  6. discord: kman#4683 looking for 100-200
  7. 10/15+ usually. what i've noticed is that if there a large loot pile and you pick most of the items, the items that weren't rendered at the start still won't be rendered even if there only a few items left (after some the rendered items were picked up). what determines how the items are rendered, i haven't been able to figure out
  8. If there is a loot of multiple gameobjects, some of the objects won't get rendered so getGameObjects().get(x).take() doesn't work if .isOnScreen() is false. The issue is with failing to get the model i believe as i can still get all the objects in debugger.
  9. How do i interact with the actual tile? is that using tilereference?
  10. I'm having trouble with looting unrendered ground item. Any suggestions?
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