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    1. Who banned you: Nezz Why were you banned: For being a child and starting an argument where it was unneeded as well as leaving negative feedback against Dreamlicker in a manner that was not appropriate and abusive. Why should you be unbanned: I've learned my lesson and I will not act childish or continue such behavior in the future.
    2. this might not be compilable, as i'm not at a computer right now. but try something like: List<WidgetChild> match = getWidgets().getWidgetChildrenContainingText("Bronze dagger"); //replace this with your item name WidgetChild dagger = match.get(0); if(dagger != null) { dagger.interact("Make All"); sleepUntil(() -> getLocalPlayer().isAnimating(), Calculations.random(2300, 3200)); }
    3. I was told I would need to take a test before gaining Scripter+ rank. I contacted Dreamlicker on Skype to begin the test. The pastebin of the test parameters has been deleted. I followed the directions and gave him my code here. -removed- He said I didn't follow the directions because I used an -removed-. I then told him I would redo it the way he wanted. img removed After he asked if that was my code I told him it was. He then asked why he found the -removed- on google. I told him I used google to help me. The code was not the same as I had to change quite a few things for -removed- to be compatible with the test, therefore the code was no longer the same as what I found on google. He then said I failed because the method wasn't my code and we had a debate on how the certain code for a -removed- could be done. He then said I could re-apply in 14 days in which I told him no, it was a joke. I should have passed the test, and shouldn't have been failed for looking something up on google and then changing the code to fit the test. All of the other code is 100% mine. Even if I had copied the code exactly without changing anything, that was not one of the preset rules laid out before the test. If my dispute is declined, I feel I should still be able to have a retake that doesn't make me wait 14 days. Finally, I think the point of the test is to show your competency as a programmer, which I did. In fact, the first code I gave him did the job the same way as the second, except the first time I was using things that I was more familiar with. If I'm failed because of such a small issue, I think that either someone else should be giving the test, or the rules need to be more clear before someone takes the test.
    4. I personally use boglagold. they're pretty damn quick and reasonably priced. also I don't ever worry about being scammed. This is not an advertisement. I have no affiliation with boglagold. I am just suggesting an alternative that I use.
    5. Be sure to add me on skype if you need any Scripting help. Willing to tutor for free in my free time.

    6. This was a nice read. I have been smoking since I was 17, and I'm 24 now. I have the same habits as you. Do you have any advice for someone that like to reward themselves for completing tasks with a cigarette? I've tried stopping cold turkey but it's really never worked for me. I've tried replacing it with vaping, sunflower seeds (because of the salt), candy, and toothpicks. Nothing has worked. I really don't want to go on any meds or gum for it because those are only nicotine replacements. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me. I would like to quit smoking but don't know where to start! EDIT: I'm going to try to quit again starting tomorrow (that way I can just completely cut it off on a new day) and try to follow what you said in the OT. I'll let you know how it goes.
    7. Gonna miss you :/ I'm glad that you're going down a path that you love, and that means much more than anything else. Good luck to you, and I hope to see you around here soon!
    8. Besides all this bickering i have feedback on my page from selling private scripts to happy customers. I also tutored volta on scripting as well.
    9. Well if you're willing to settle for plain Scripter status I'd do it for you for probably cheaper depending on what you're asking. I've made quite a few private scripts and provide updates to bugs or if it every somehow breaks. You can also check my feedback as well. I should have Scripter+ here soon. I was Scripter rank over a year ago but left DB for a while and I just came back so I got my rank back. I'd say that I'm pretty trustworthy, and have no intention on half-assing it. I don't get on skype much anymore but if you're interested, PM me and I'll redownload it. The only thing I ask other than payment is feedback regarding your satisfaction with the end result.
    10. List<String> cmdQueue = new List<String>(); public void onMessage(Message m) { cmdQueue.add(m.getMessage()); } in your loop: if(!cmdQueue.isEmpty()) { if(cmdQueue.get(0) != null) { //extra null check, not really needed. doCommand(cmdQueue.get(0)); //this gets the oldest command (the first sent command)and handles it cmdQueue.remove(0); //this removes the command from the list after it's been handled } } This is in no way the best way to do it, but it's one way to do it.
    11. You can view my package set up on my newly created github account at https://github.com/chandlerethan/Scripts weird. it's working now. it might have been how i exported it to the jar file
    12. That is a good idea, but that would mean that I actually have to set it up. lol I guess I can stop being lazy and do that... Also, my scripts don't show up on the Script Selector when they're inside a package, do you know a fix for that? I really don't like using the default package.
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