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    1. Hey, used this couple of days ago, ran perfectly. Now when I set it up, exactly as I did previously, it seems to open the NPC shop Widget and once the Widget is open, it continuously tries to trade the NPC again but it can't as the shop Widget is already open. No error logs and nothing else seems to remedy the problem.
    2. Just an FYI, I lost a fair few accounts on the same day, at the same time, each of the accounts hadn't logged in for at least 24 hours from the time the ban was placed. I appealed all of them and everyone of them were overturned. Sometimes they ban the account if they suspect it has been botting, if you don't appeal, they assume they were right, if you appeal there is a chance to get it overturned. Visit here: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360000867958-Appeal-a-ban Click "Banned", then next page click "Yes", then the next page click "Yes" and then lastly click "No". You'll be shown a button to "Appeal My Ban", click on that and then login to the account. Enter the e-mail address that is registered on the account, select the reason the account was banned for and then select "I think you made a mistake" and submit the form. Usually within 24-48 hours you'll get an e-mail either saying the account had suspicious activity at the time of the ban and it has been overturned or you get an e-mail saying the ban is correct and will still stand. It takes a few minutes and with the multitude of new accounts being made, the accounts being banned incorrectly, there is a better chance now to have it overturned.
    3. You're the man Hashtag. Hopefully no more bans for me, or I just need to remember to bring enough darts next time!
    4. Hi Hashtag, me again. I've been running the script to grab the last ranging levels, it ended up running out of darts and kicked crabs for about 33 minutes and got a temp ban, not a big issue for me personally as it was the last level I needed anyway. Other than that, the script has been amazing and saved me a bunch of time level up a couple of accounts. Any chance a fail safe could be implemented? As in, it checks to make sure you have the item you selected to use as the weapon is still available (probably only applicable to darts/knives etc).
    5. Hi, yeah that is the option I am using and it works perfectly, I just tried out the other option to see the difference and the error mentioned logged in the Debug Console. As I mentioned in my original post, it doesn't change anything for me, I just noticed it so wanted to make you aware of it
    6. Hey, you're welcome, if it helps make an awesome script that bit more awesome I'm fine with that! It's not 1 specific spot, it's pretty much any of the spots on the island (although I've only used the spots with 4 crabs near the player), I'll attempt to get it to happen again if you need me too though, just let me know.
    7. Hi Hashtag, The following error shows up, when selecting "Use Player Tile" as the option (Smart Aggro switched off). 14:52:45: [ERROR] Exception has occurred while running! Please report error to developer if problem persists: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 at ao.<init>(Unknown Source) at aP.b(Unknown Source) at O.onLoop(Unknown Source) at P.onLoop(Unknown Source) at org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript.run(AbstractScript.java) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) I'm on the island, using Mith Darts, Sharks and Divine Ranging pots(4) if that helps with anything? It's not game breaking for me, but it's something that does happen that you should be made aware off.
    8. Hey Zawy, Utilised the free trial, script is pretty damn flawless! So I'll be buying it in the next few days. 1 thing is, when dropping items, it proceeds to drop all things in the inventory (bird nests included) and then picks up the bird nests after dropping everything, it should skip the bird nests and just drop any logs as it really what a player would do.
    9. Hello all, I've got a method I have been running for a short while, it's pretty profitable and is working well currently. Just looking for opinions of other botters as to what you would choose from the following options regarding profit per hour. The method is selling items to a shop and then hopping to the next world, pretty basic but I've found a niche place, based on 1,000 of each item and a total of 7 items and a total investment of 7.6m to 8m. With the data given, which would you pick from the list below: Items Per World - Total Profit - Hours Logged In - Profit Per Hour 1 p/w - 3,400,000 - 4 - 850,000 2 p/w - 3,164,050 - 2 - 1,582,025 5 p/w - 2,456,200 - 1 - 2,456,200 For me personally, I have found that having the accounts logged in the least time possible definitely does help the ban rates as I've ran this method for around 2 months now and not a single ban (although I could have just given myself bad luck saying that). That being said, I've been running at the median of 2 per world for 2 hours total logged in time, a compromise between profit and time logged in. I'd appreciate any thoughts...
    10. So will it not run properly? I want to buy a few of your scripts but most of your threads say that you'll update for dreambot 3... but I'm yet to see that. If it works I'll still purchase, please clarify
    11. Apologies for the late reply, I had finished for the day not long after I comment. The 2 versions were running on different devices, 1 device had the old version, the other device had the new version. I'll give it another go today, both devices have the updated client so I'll see it works, it could just be a restart of the device could have solved it, will post back soon!
    12. Static Filter as follows: public static final Filter<Item> RING_OF_WEALTH = Item -> Item != null && Item.getName().contains("Ring of wealth ("); Code that checks the Equipment contains a ring with charges, if not, withdraw one from the bank and equip it: if(!Equipment.contains(Leveller.RING_OF_WEALTH)) { Bank.withdraw(Leveller.RING_OF_WEALTH, 1); sleepUntil(() -> Inventory.count(Leveller.RING_OF_WEALTH) > 0, 2000); sleep(Calculations.random(25, 155)); if(Inventory.count(Leveller.RING_OF_WEALTH) > 0) { Inventory.get(Leveller.RING_OF_WEALTH).interact("Wear"); sleepUntil(() -> Equipment.contains(Leveller.RING_OF_WEALTH), 2000); sleep(Calculations.random(25, 155)); if(!Inventory.isEmpty()) { Bank.depositAllItems(); sleepUntil(() -> Inventory.isEmpty(), 2000); sleep(Calculations.random(25, 155)); } } }
    13. Hi, Currently have a local script I've made, it's worked prior to the DB update, but now it's not reading the worn equipment to check for a Ring of Wealth with charges. I have a DB open that has been open all day, ran the same script on that and it works, but on the updated client it does not. I've tried the usual clearing of data, fresh starts etc but to no avail. It could be something my end, but for it to work on an older client and not the updated one, it seems like it might not be.
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