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    1. Simba

      Making accounts

      What accounts would the community be looking to buy? I'm going to start building accounts, I need some ideas, I would prefer to not make maxes but more along the lines of starters, I can do zulrah accounts, mith glove pures, range tank, I will give full details of what the accounts would entail quest and stat wise. PM me what you would be looking for.
    2. I will be selling gold everyday, I only accept bitcoin, I have bought thousands of dollars of gold from mods, trying to start my own gold selling reputation, selling at .75/m I will occasionally sell for cheaper depending on the amount you buy, atm I only have 147m! Discord - Simba #9547
    3. yes it is message me on discord homie
    4. yes and suprisingly the username isnt an email since the account is a veteran account. previous owner was "Prime" one of the most known mods, message me on discord if you're interested.
    5. To begin this account has just been suspended, I've only botted the agility which got me suspended and I'm curious what people will pay... the bann meter is at the half way mark Account Status - https://gyazo.com/b8e74c963973de2a337ddfe9014de087 Stats of the account - https://gyazo.com/51d6cacadd2d33da3d7941118bfc6b87 Login Screen - https://gyazo.com/8edcbf305f689429976b5cdb9fed7f9b No previous owners- Untradables - https://gyazo.com/8056523b02eabcb45983e8474c0ca9ab also full void and shit Quest points- https://gyazo.com/d038aaff8cb65a043dd0f4b495623d9d I'm looking for at least
    6. Selling 80m for .90 ea ...BTC only I'm slowly generating gold ... but I will eventually be able to consistently supply for people. Discord is Simba#9547
    7. So I will be creating accounts for anyone, you suggest the type of account if it's a voider....berserker pure a 1 def pure...if you would like a main I will create any account of your choice...I do not make 60-60-60s or levels 3s...my accounts are going to go for at least 20m+ based on what you want. my discord is Simba#9547 message me on there and I will start working on your account Thanks.
    8. Buying all accounts with 76 fishing, if the account is banned within 2 hours I would like a refund, but yeah if you want a quicker response message me on discord @ Simba #9547
    9. buying about a 100 level 3 tutorial island, proxied 2 day min rested accounts for 80k ea. HMU asap
    10. Anyone buying accounts of any sort, what would be your minimum rest date, I will bulk produce for anyone, any standard account just let me know...if you are looking for a specific account I can do that as well.. I'm not so fond of doing quests..so the accounts maybe questless but have anything else all proxied and will be rested at your desire
    11. 1.Stats of the account https://gyazo.com/7fa2bef0af27b4ec6e310931dc211b82 2.Bann Meter https://gyazo.com/d3f7959c7e5a8b58f987384d4c509c36?token=4478706d78dcfde8e5f21db674a866f3 3.Log in Screen https://gyazo.com/00142945913b4d59451bc259f9bcf3dc?token=8e73364d534d6699812e02d0ce6758be 4.Quest Points https://gyazo.com/68057c0219de8c80f9ac4f64b02a6ceb?token=8eb3b1ec221e7948b4c116867064b98c 5. Mith Gloves & Dragon Scimitar https://gyazo.com/c41fed46decf55e488185405063fccf4?token=0b3ad27c22b7df9e7451b7bedb0cfecc 6. Min Bid 30m 7. Autowin 65m 8. Oldschool Gp 9. If you would like a middl
    12. IF you would like to make money on a consistent basis...message me on discord so we can set something up in terms of accounts that I want Discord Simba#9547 Anyone who is interested in being my provider needs to be able to create and bot accounts or hand train accounts under different proxies. As well as at least a week rest on all accounts. HMU ASAP Looking for 30 smithing accounts with or without dwarf cannon completed, 60/60/60s ...also looking for bulk accounts of 32 farming. 30 smithing accounts will go for 500-700k for just 30 smithing nothing else...i will pay 1.2m for accounts with
    13. Combat level 121 https://gyazo.com/1474306cab7f9a1d0a47fd30cc9e5776 Account Status https://gyazo.com/215c00339399447b6483e53d647de031 Login Screen https://gyazo.com/52c1d9fbf614259df07ec245b6f35568 Quests https://gyazo.com/c354368cd7c89d73da691a6726ec4c99 (the account is meant for staking) Account Wealth - The account is cleaned and only untradables https://gyazo.com/8c0adf283f1b23495e89aba843c2e8d6 Autowin 175m Minimum Bid 150m Payment Method - BTC or GP ( Both, you will go first ) Trading conditions, The Middle man If you would like will be ( Prime ) , if not you will go first. I wi
    14. add me on discord i sent u a request i can sell u a lvl 121 maxed staker
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