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  1. yea will have to update that, currently on vacation so limit on time, will add it to my notes tho
  2. Hi ive personally done all this: Ban free with mine so i dont think theres much wrong with the script at all, but i am looking to add some more features in the near future
  3. Hi join my discord im currently on vacation so its harder to catch people online, but im sure a discord mod will help out if im not online https://discord.gg/DtbhEXJ
  4. Hm planning to give this script some love next week anyway, so make sure to hit me up on discord i will reset your trial so you can give it another go
  5. Hi it should work most likely a error on ur end, try deleting ur jagex cache folder and do a restart if u can figure it out please contact me on discord and il help you set-up
  6. not that i know off o.O i am gonna rework the points system soon tho to make it better
  7. Does it ever show u a UI (the interface to set settings) ?