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  1. BFH

    Can you add a repair function to PC minigame? Willing to buy if you.

    1. Nex


      you mean the doors/barricades? 

    2. BFH
    3. BFH


      But with an actual -- efficient way, like banking the logs and stuff, and then cutting them for the next round:


  2. I mean i could but its pretty much random so speed wise this wont effect it much unless u have the min agil req i guess
  3. 1) should stop when servers are back to normal 2) its a hardcode inside my webfinder as it doesnt use dreambot's best to do is if u < 60 agil not to use the spike posts as they will slow u down
  4. SDN isn't much more a hobby if anything, but if u here for the money look into making a big rs gold farm
  5. Just draw MP elsewhere onscreen?
  6. Prayer flicking could be added but would just increase the ban rate, It will make sure you got enough per trip and will use up all doses in your inventory just dont take a full inv with food as u wont need as much anyway id reccomended like 8 food, 3 pray pots if u have a trident
  7. hm il check it out, ty for report
  8. O, when does this happen?
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