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  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS gold? You can purchase vouchers from another users
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  1. Hi, Im currently on vacation so sorry for the slow responce. Anyway i did mention discord because me or any of my mods can quickly help out there and when needed use screenshare to explain where needed. But no indeed its not needed to get script assistance i can deal with people in DM's aswell this will just drag on as it takes some time as i am not on the forums 24/7 making the conversation have waiting times inbetween replies which can be annoying for both me & the customer. Discord however i have on my phone open most of the times so replies will be quicker & i have mods in different timezones so u never have to wait long to get assistance. Discord can be used from the web without a single download making it easy & safe to use. As for the script i will test it with my personal account tonight and see if i have these issues if i dont you can sent me a DM and i will guide you there on how to get it working (or join the discord if you feel like it we also have commands for script tracking & automated trials ) if i do get a issue with the script i will fix this asap and get it out there on the store. As shown here the user has ran this script for a solid 48h and gained 4m+ exp. so as for the refund im gonna decline it & fix IF needed.
  2. Its not needed its just alot quicker, DM me if u dont wanna use discord.
  3. Hey im aware waiting for a tester account will have this fixed as soon as it arrives (most likely tomorrow) sorry for the delay!
  4. Delete ur jagex cache, if this doesnt solve it join my discord & il help you get it going
  5. Could be due to recent update will fix this, thanks for the report!
  6. You should get a popup screen to fill out, if you dont please join my discord and il help you set it up correctly
  7. hm i tested this the other day & it worked fine please clear ur cache and try running it again if this doesnt solve it join my discord and send me a DM il help you set it up
  8. Hey check the logger, if there is nothing there please join my discord and ask me or any of the online mods to guide you through a set-up
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