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    1. AFAIK Low level botting isn't sustainable due to the ban rates. But I could be wrong, I only bot on higher end accounts.
    2. CaS5

      I think..

      "more better" No.
    3. I've sworn up and down in Dreambot's favor about how I haven't been banned since I began using it in August. However last week I received a two day ban. I know it's not Dreambot's fault but to be totally honest; I didn't have VIP when I last ran it and I wasn't able to use covert. I think that's the sole reason why I was banned. I was able to suicide upwards up 16 hours a day while using covert and when I used Dreambot without covert I got banned. Maybe that's what happened here? Maybe it's placebo? Who knows.
    4. Doesn't seem like blood counter is working properly? EDIT: Nvm, it was because I was in modern scalable. Once I changed to fixed classic it works.
    5. A few more options to reduce resource usage would still be extremely beneficial, at least in my opinion. I just upgraded laptops but I was previously using a windows tablet laptop that was lucky to run RS at 20FPS and that is without a bot running it lol. RuneLite's entity hider was a monumental help. I do like using Dreambot's renderer disabler but that seems to be the only option that increases framerate to a significant degree.
    6. Which begs the question, why doesn't Jagex implement some sort of ticket validation system for each "approved" client? That would nearly wipe out bots that use proprietary clients and it'd also help Jagex in their mission of "The Final Solution To The 3rd Party Client Question". Eventually I'm sure it'd be possible to spoof ticket validation, but I suspect it'd be at least a year.
    7. When cutting magics it still somehow clicks the ladder to the redwods in the WC guild and stands there. Turns out it stood there for 14 hours just now.
    8. Doesn't pick up fallen traps, chin counter is busted AND it can't get back into ferox
    9. You're pissed off about 100m but yet you call it "measly" 100m. So which is it? I've been using Dreambot every single day for almost 6 months, never been banned yet, and nothing has ever been stolen off of any of my accounts.
    10. CaS5

      Random lamps

      Just looks sketchy as hell dismissing all genies and imp randoms lol. Even if it accepted the lamp and just dropped it, it would look more human than dismissing them. Not to mention it's 10x the level. I.E. Level 50 skill = 500xp. Over hours and hours of botting, it would add up. Those who bot one single thing like chins until 200m xp wouldn't really care about it, but those of us like myself who bot a number of different money making skills on the same accounts for months on end, it would be very useful.
    11. That would be great! The most tedious part of glass blowing is smelting all of the molten glass if done from scratch lol
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