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  1. ozzycandar


    please may I get a trail
  2. ozzycandar


    would I be able to please can a trail if yes I will be very happy I normally test every script before buying and I got like 12 primum scripts cant wait to buy my 13th one
  3. this script got to many errors mate please refund my money it don't even click the altar it walks all the way there and don't click or teleport I got the talisman on me to
  4. there's a bug which annoys me every time it levels up the herbloe skill it opens the bank and reloads everything again without finishing the inventory this only haopens everytine I level up the herbloe skill for example from 20 to 21 if I got 8 or 9 portions left to do it just puts it in bank and takes again
  5. please update your bug, it work working perfect for 4 days now it stopped opening the bank it wont open the bank so it collects the items please fix this as your bot made me come to 97 cooking everything was very good until now please fix it
  6. would you sell me 50m for 30pound