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  1. i have one, its banned though
  2. okay, im confused so, you don't know what place to put it in, somebody tells you it's the right place, then you tell him not to tell him if its correct
  3. xD on my earliest main 1 year ago i botted 99 atk str def and hp, risked that all the time, cuz i didn't know this method ;S
  4. this can all be done AFK(away from keyboard, aka when ur not on the computer) but long afk = being away longer , more def longer afk sure, but longest afk is normal guthans host(weak monsters)
  5. they used to be small for the first months, this issue has been popping up a few days and cba to fix it, some problem on the rswiki site
  6. kerel hem een beetje onderschatten rofl xDD
  7. other players play legit and use ahk too, yet they get banned mate i advice you not to do it, i got this main banned it was a fucking AMAZING account, 1860 total like holy shit man.. i played legit all day on it, i keep trying to contact jagex but they just ignore me
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