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  1. This should have been added back to the store, i'll get in contact with Admins soon, will also test it to make sure it's working as it should before i contact admins ^^ Will update you tomorrow.
  2. In process of fixing this, have already been in contact with him and will push a fix today. Edit : This has been fixed, will push the fix very shortly Edit : Fix pushed, working as it should now.
  3. Interface will be fixed today, pmed you to figure out what else isn't up to par Fix has been pushed, working perfectly now.
  4. Have just checked, and you're spot on, Paint isn't working, will figure it where the problem is and update you in 24 hours, sorry! Edit : Will try to update shortly, but it seems several different scripters on here are having this problem, will update this as soon as it's fixed. Edit 2: Has been fixed, awaiting SDN Update
  5. Can you please update me in 24 hours about the paint? The paints not showing up should be a problem with the image hosting website / not script, but this is the second time it happens in two weeks, might consider changing the host. If i'm not mistaken, it will loot " Potentially valuable items , aka lumpwort roots etc " Is it not looting anything at all?
  6. Haha It's a fighter that fishes chops and cooks... Not a chopper than fights But i'll consider adding customisations.
  7. Uploading a screenshot of Thundercless, ( 2 posts above me, after sorting his issues out) . I'm sorry you got banned, but that's not ground for a refund, but feel free to contact me privately if you have any issues..
  8. You can edit your post you know Makes it easier for me to understand the issues and doesn't flood the thread. Feel free to PM me your discord and let me teamview you as a bug is happening, that allows me to find out why X is happening, i had a couple of fighters on for 24 hours ish a couple of days ago and they were all doing what they need to be doing. There's no reason that it would carry the gp with it, not after a whole session ( Until food is done , fishing done, etc ) Just double checked, and it shouldn't be doing that, again feel free to pm me your discord and showing me where that's hapenning will help me troubleshoot what's happening It bought the feathers and the rod because it expects you to eventually evolve into that kind of fishing, it doesn't buy that at lower levels. It doesn't buy a tinderbox back because it should never lose it in the first place, you're not meant to die on this script. Thanks for shedding light on all of this though, will run them again and see if i can manage to see any of those issues again, meanwhile, pm me your discord and i'll definitely help out :)!
  9. The game won't let you trade if it's not a member, so yes.
  10. Request has been made, will update you once it's up.
  11. It has been fixed, will test it throughout the day and push it tonight, will update this post when it's live, thanks.
  12. Scripts often break after updaes, this could be the case here, will fix it right away
  13. Scripts often break after updaes, this could be the case here, will fix it right away
  14. Can't be done between machines. Haven't gotten to other OS's yet, will post when work is underway
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