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    1. script throwing errors and stopping after the latest update. doesn't recognize the cash or alch items in your inventory after a break, does so at random.
    2. is this script functional? any reviews/updates from users.
    3. yup. if that is fixed its a pretty nice script.
    4. test the script. it will do a couple laps then get stuck on the ground at the start of the course.
    5. randomly gets stuck after completing a few laps.
    6. No mouse Data, pure menu manipulation is the way to go for avoiding auto detection. Try to avoid scripts that override the menu manipulation with their own utils.
    7. i bought his sand crab script and experienced the same thing, seems like his scripts are flagged by jagex auto detection.
    8. wonder which competitor is trolling
    9. anybody know if this script is flagged by anti detection? what's the ban rate like?
    10. are you still planning on adding more quests? had a look at the current list and seems pretty slim. considering purchasing but i'm hesitant, a Desert treasure, lunar diplomacy, horror from the deep, piety, and perhaps mage arena 1 quest lines would sell it to me.
    11. add grand exchange support so it buys items and runes when out, also add a larger que so you can have like 10 items in it. alch 70 of XXX then move to item #2 alch 120 of xxx then move to item #3 alch 70 of XXX then move to item #4 then have it in a continuous loop so it will just sit at the GE and alch 10 different items for profit.
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