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    1. He doesn't really give much support and tons of minor things need reworked or fixed in general. That's strayed me away from lifetime purchases.
    2. When doing the Ardougne Diary 1 pickpocketing the HAM members for the rusty sword it will literally unequip the weapon and shield and proceed to drop it. The bot equiped my zamorak dhide shield and dragon crossbow... Luckily both of these items display a message when dropping so the bot isn't able to.. The bot is amazing and all but you really need to rework a lot of aspect of the script.
    3. I've made it to the end of the script. A few additions that would be awesome, customizable gear and a bit more randomization. It still rocks the normal cape even though it has an ardy cape 2.
    4. Sorceress's garden just stands next to the fountain not doing anything. Solution: So oddly enough if you have the client maximized it will not work. Simple click the double/single to unsnap it the bot started working again. Don't know the correct term for this icon.
    5. When training fire making it will literally world hop 5 times during one inventory of logs. Maybe add a check if player is near for more then 30 seconds then it hops? Because just from people running by it triggers a hop.
    6. I'm combat level 71 and it chooses to go train on the minotaur at level 46 range. It also died here and ran back and refused to loot the gravestone it just started attacking naked. The bot should never die at this level to a 13 minotaur. It also buys green dhide when I have 53 range it should be using blue dhide.. It also purchases and equips rune arrows when using a crossbow, it also doesn't use my avas device but instead normal cape.
    7. This thing needs work with miss clicks.. Trying to navigate through the stronghold of security it will click on a monster to fight but being next to the gate it clicks the gate and keeps entering and exiting.
    8. Any chance for a life time version? I don't see myself purchasing this until I have stats for all the quest so they can all be completed the same month otherwise.
    9. Aw first ban, I started this on a new level 3 and ran it for about 4 hours a day for two days, I also did about 10 other quest with another script that I've used for a year now.. I've got an account that's around a year old who was also botting at the same time with a different bot/script and it's still going luckily.
    10. So what would be the advantage in purchasing this over the account builder? I see the account builder also includes 105 quest? Edit: Nevermind I seen further down you also need to purchase the other scripts separately. I'll probably get lifetime here soon once my account makes money from the spidines.
    11. Does this start RFD from scratch and say could it go up to mith gloves?
    12. Nice man GL with the exams. I've been running this for the past 7 hours straight on a ironman and no bans so far and it's actually progressed a decent bit in levels.
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