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  1. One of the things I've learned while botting is that you are never 100% safe. I've botted on accounts that I use and my main, script quality is not the only thing that matters, the place you bot, the ammount of hours, if you bot one skill or many and how frequently you rotate them.. For example I use one of hashtag's wc scripts, the script is very good, however if botting at ge yews i get insta banned, but if I bot on really unpopular places I can bot for 20 hours straight and no bans. As with everything in life, the more experience and knowledge you accumulate by testing and experimenting with different configurations will make you get less banned.
  2. Hey hashtag! Not working for me now, not sure why, gets stuck and doesn't enter the temple or/and bank
  3. Paid scripts are like 80% less chance of getting banned but rly depends on what script you use, also you should always bot while you are doing something else, don't bot overnight, that's when i got most of my bans here. There are some well known scripters in this community, i always look at scripter reputation and activity before i buy something, bc if u buy a script from a guy that is never online i bet that's gonna go bad for you
  4. hey hashtag, 2 accounts banned the last 2 days, one was a lvl 3 cutting willows north of chicken pen, and the other at GE and was a member
  5. Don't forget hastag's scripts, they all run nice and smooth, low ban rates, havn't botted for more than 15 hours on them but if you bot smart u won't get banned. #1 Woodcutting #1Mining #1 BlastFurnace #1Magic #1Sandcrabs #1 Runecrafting are the ones I've bought Woodcutter is excellent, can bot for days, no bans and works in most areas, 99 assured. Miner is excellent, the best imo, can make 1.6M a day at the mining guild, if you are not selling the ores I recommend you save them and use them with the blast furnace script for a ton of exp and profit, ban rates are insignificant, as long as you bot less than 12hrs a day you are safe. Runecrafter doesn't offer much, but does the work very well, you can get up to 60ish rc with it, as it supports low level runes, after that i think it's not worth it for high level training. Sandcarbs is amazing, I've noticed some trouble when reaggroing while using range, but hey, you can train melee magic and range with it, so it's totally worth, more so if you look at the price for it, you can train 6 skills for a really cheap price. For the magic one I havn't used it much since i train magic with the sandcrabs script, have alched for a few hours and it realy works, sadly the economy right now won't make you a big profit with alching so I havn't tested it much. So that's my experience with hashtag's scripts, so far 2 accounts botted (mains) with 0 bans for a month, havn't botted more than 16 hours a day and i usually take breaks on weekends.
  6. This script makes 1.6M a day in the mining guild, flawless, really low ban rates, paired with #1 Blast Furnace can get you 99 in both mining and smithing and good profit with iron, perfect script for a main account, loving it so far
  7. I enter with #1Woodcutting #1SandCrabs and #1Mining First ever bots bought, loving them. Gonna buy more.
  8. hey im from south america, here it's the same sadly, we are also getting migrants from middle east thanks to our left wing goverment. fuck social justice.
  9. wewfy

    Sup guys

    What's up everybody im new to the botting community! Started playing osrs reciently and atm i'm currently botting my main account, so far the bot looks great, simple to use no bugs or any kind of problem, community is super active and so many scripts to choose. Hope I can contribute to this great site posting progress and stuff later on. So far loving #1 woodcutting #1 sandcrabs and mining pro scripts! Hope i'll buy many more in the future!
  10. i managed to fix it i have to manually attack an npc and then the bot seems to follow up, thanks anyway for the fast response! loving the script, been running for 4ish hours smoothly
  11. hey dude i bought ur bot today and i got no diea on how to use it, it just sits afk after starting doing nothing or roaming the beach without attacking anything. do u ahve a tutorial on how to set it up or a setup file for loading? thanks
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