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    1. there is one exatly as u described that does it all
    2. massive huge grratz and i thought my soul wars mini game was guna be a mad kick to the holidays lol
    3. well just saying this is a lie of a script? supports no prayer or flicking doesnt supoort cannon system and also it doesn't even do magic every combat... come on good sir wtf?
    4. hey guys love ur scripts however this onee and spindel keep getting my accs banned has been a while since i did revs could i have a retrail to see how things go?
    5. hey i had paid for this in the past but my accounts got banned all evidneetually could i pleaase get a re trail to buy the lifetime verision if i lieke it ty ur works great
    6. could you possibly do me a retrail i did it ages ago and now its had time to be perffectedmore wanted to see how it runs as im buying 250$ worth of scripts friday
    7. are u just stupid ?? seriosuly done with this chat was ages ago the fact u kept going after being called a child for doing so shows how lonely u must be probly only time u can be a guy is when u play this or its all subs for u mate shit grow up kid. if you didnt know dreambots functions explains why ur scripts look so dodgy
    8. seriously just stop being a child i wasnt even rude unlike all ur responses to anyone whos complained
    9. lol ur sucking something fat thats for sure not a blunt tho altho u do just accept money for trash and u think ur swag u grow up in 2010? like the fk hahaha and yes unless ur guna ban this fucking application for allowing others to look at console log and have scripting helpers like the dev tools and pandoramic something or even click recorded now thats handy ;ol but legit u have options to turn on all wigets and basically anything u want to web nodes and so forth anyone can view and do this.
    10. yeah maad skills i have had an account on dreambot longer than u mate my god you can do this through dreambot so unless ur guna ban dreambot wtf u on aboout lay the fuck of tthe crack u cant take a pointer to improve no u want to ram down every single person whos raised an issues throat its prettty low mate
    11. u just cant handle anyone saying ur scripts are shit l0l0l
    12. righto bigman and u can check the codes in the console logs lmfao reversee enginering them as if i would bother with this trash hahahah serioysly u know why u can see only on ur anaylitics which show u jack shit apparently is that the other accs i had got banned from ur clucky ass shit i just tried to give u some advice and well shows how amazingly up urself u are holy fuck egooo were the roof lmao seriously ones gotta have had no women in a while to getlike u brother go outdoors for once smeegil
    13. ......seems like my hypothesis was correct pm 1m an hr sure you canmake even more if u get luucky but tbh the kill ratio of these is so high and then the bans only of ur scripppts have i also got mass banned ive botted for ages got 2 right now that are a solid 1500 tl + also around 180+ qp and only thing really missing is the fire cape atm but will get that script shorlty now im not even saying u right bad scripts but the algorthims could use improvment like look at subs nd hashs scripts and zawys they are alot better written as i have broken down the codes and seen exactly how much more varible and more smooth they are this is not a diss btw i will happily buy this script if it doesnt end going ad but i will give ur sscripts sanother go i just thought id say as the scripts new as well people are guna not sett up properly or ther could be alot more bugs so in 2 weeks ill check rewviews and give it a test just some observations ive made btw not saying u cant write scripts as yoy obviously can and do u do proxies as well cause im over trying to find somewere with just solid ones without me having to sort it out and if u do good proxies and solid ones good prices ill happily invest
    14. i get that it is out of this scripts cope hopefully soon wont be to much of a issue love ur work
    15. will u be adding this to the current hunting script? and also could u add like puro or clue to the all in one
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