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    1. Hello , i would suggest using the Equipment class to get the items You can do something like Equipment.getItemInSlot(EquipmentSlot.LEGS); to get a specific item , or use Equipment.all() to get all Equipment items
    2. I know some sections of the forums could be hard to notice , so im making sure you see this @Pandemic Thanks
    3. Who banned you: @yeeter01 Why were you banned: Tried to scam a user Why should you be unbanned: Almost 2 months ago , i got a private script request , and i made a very stupid decision and i tried to scam the user , and after he paid me i blocked him . The day after i realized i couldn't live with it , i contacted the user apologized to him and returned the total amount that i received from him I know what i did is a very big mistake , but i immediately had regret and i couldn't live with my self and returned the money , I am glad the whole situation happened because this is the first time i go through something like that , and i really realized that i don't want to be a bad actor . I am really sorry and i deeply regret what i did. I hope the staff take some time to look at this , And i hope i get unbanned for the sake of the users that have bought my scripts , so that i can continue to maintain them I wish the staff takes the time to review this , The dreambot community is quite amazing and i hope i get the chance to be a part of it again. Thanks Proof of contact with the user and the refund : Block chain payment to the address provided by the user above : https://blockstream.info/tx/ffa5cfabf4b1967f8e268652b1047d5f1dd2cc5c57f575d470f7741a024d2a15
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