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    1. 8:32:18 PM: [ERROR] Exception has occurred while running! Please report error to developer if problem persists: java.lang.NullPointerException at f0.lambda$execute$1(f0.java:50) at org.dreambot.api.methods.MethodProvider.sleepUntil(MethodProvider.java) at lp.a(lp.java:181) at f0.c(f0.java:50) at lz.onLoop(lz.java:435) at org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript.run(AbstractScript.java) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    2. i did notice a few things on my end, Also once the script has bought all the items from g.e i restart the script and shut g.e buyer off, everything works perfect.
    3. sorry, im a little new to this and i didn't get the logs but maybe it was something i did that caused the problems in the initial setup. i was running it on a trial version, so i cant run it again to try see if it does it again sorry dude
    4. i can see how the stronghold could be very hard to do for a free script who all the questions that are asked. would b2p a hard thing to incorporate? be nice for camping some monsters Ive never created scripts, so thought id share a few ideas to someone who already has an awesome script going thanks for the reply
    5. yes, there was something wrong with demon slayer with the final fight, now the quest wont pick up where it left off. also just another "note" lol if you have "bank notes on" and "take all" on in your bank, i think it confuses the bot and puts it in a loop where it keeps taking quest items in note form then banking them and flicking the "note" and "item" trying to get tehm out of note form. my mistake, thought it maybe it could be a fix, or usefull to someone else. when doing the waterfall quest, i got stuck reading the "book of braxton" i had to manually flip through pages and
    6. hey been using this script for a few days now, it seems to be really good, i haven't had any problems with it yet really. im skeptical because its free though! aha, whats it lacking? just an idea, when killing goblins or other monster in the stronghold of security the character cannot bank at edge, it just stands there lost. maybe you could feature that? maybe by adding features/anti-bans you can make it become a paid script! thanks
    7. hey, i purchased this after i had an awesome trial, just wondering if you could make the camera alignment a bit slower more human like, seems to be "snapping* all over sometimes. and maybe better camera alignment sometimes im clicking through a wall and i can't see the master farmer (north of ardy)
    8. hello, just wanted to let you know that in the "enter the abyss" my character wouldn't enter wizards tower to talk to sealdior, resulted in me walking back and fourth on the one side of the the tower. also client of kourend quest, my player stands at "veos" at port sarim when he needs to be talking to "veos" on kourend. another spot in the same quest client of kourend it wouldn't use the orb on the dark alter my character just stood there. i left for a brief period, and when i returned my character was stuck in a loop talking to veos, after completing the quest. recommend test
    9. thank you for the fast reply, glad to see scripter feedback in a timely manor. i will continue to use this and let you know if i encounter any other problems as ill be running a few accounts through the quests. i believe their was a problem on demon slayer. while fighting the demon and the wizards. character would just stand behind one of the pillars and not atk. (though ill have to test it again, off of trial mode. was only 5-10mins left i don't know if that effected it or not)
    10. hey, everything seems to be working good so far, but i noticed its trying to buy a ring of recoil well its on "f2p mode" recoil is not a f2p item, keeps trying to buy the ring. also i had to maually start the quest "x marks the spot" character wouldnt click yes to start quest
    11. script isn't running very smoothly, at the current time. i think my player needs to stand back from the gorilla a couple tiles so it takes less damage. also better prayer restoration timing, noticed it would drink prayer till about 6-10prayer points and if it was busy with other tasks prayer would run out and take heavy damage. would have liked to purchase script but my trial didn't go so well. hope you can sort out any issues and make this script a bit better, just has a few kinks imo
    12. i used this script to complete dorics quest, goblin diplomacy, imp catcher. on imp catcher it would be nice if it bought beads before it went to the tower, also it had problems starting imp catcher i had to maually do it. (which is fine its a short af) it would be cool if it would be able to do more then 1 quest, before having to select another or maybe u can? im unsure non the less good script will use again.
    13. letsbothard


      i don't recommend using this bot it wouldnt start cook's assistant, nor rune mysteryies. i had to maually start it all afterward it seemed to be fine. but got stuck lots. will get banned easy if not paying attention.
    14. worked fine for me, very happy.
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