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  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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    1. Hi, thanks for letting me know. About the Father Aerick interaction. Did the bot get stuck after starting the quest? And did you have to manually lead it to next part of the quest?
    2. tmp's Ten QP Completes three different quests to reach 10 Quest Points. Takes ~30 minutes to complete all three quests. Make sure you don't start the script at the Lumbridge bank! Completes quests in the following order: Restless Ghost Ernest the Chicken Romeo and Juliet Features: Avoids wizards during Romeo and Juliet Will continue quests even if they are already started Logs out when all three quests are completed Start anywhere! Requirements: None. Please report any bugs/issues using the following format: 1. Summary 2. Steps to reproduce 3. Ex
    3. I have this script with two if statements and I need one to override the other asap when it happens The problem im having is that when eatFood() function is happening, it cant execute anything inside the other if -statement. e.g. if the bot is currently eating food, I need it to stop eating and skip to getting the animation of the NPC When the eatFood() is over, the animation has already ended, and it skips the getAnimation if (xNPC != null) { if (context.getCombat().getHealthPercent() <= 70) { eatFood(); } else if (xNPC.getAnimation == 1000) { //Do something
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