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    1. Ok i see... other question is there way for you make the bot more "agile" , i think it spends too much time between actions... to speed kill counts for suicide botting.
    2. Would you consider adding CLI support ? if not much to ask. im also interested in your crafter script.. but havent bought it because it doesnt support CLI
    3. three questions- does it support ring of forging? , does it support quick start? how long does the trial last? if its still available.
    4. three questions- does it suport ring of forging? , does it support quick start? how long does the trial last? if its still available.
    5. does it have quick start support?
    6. Already have fresh start enable and latest client
    7. Hope you can see this soon, sometimes, when the bot reaches the tanner room it wont do anything more.... just stand there. i have to manually trade the tanner and then it will come to life again.
    8. would be nice if the script could turn off in game sound, dont think it does so.
    9. calipso1999

      Wet Quests

      Does it support quick start?
    10. do you take USA bank wire transfers? need a 20$ voucher.
    11. im getting this after entering the 2nd command line Error: VM option 'SharedArchiveFile' is diagnostic and must be enabled via -XX:+UnlockDiagnosticVMOptions. Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit. @Pandemic
    12. would be nice if you could make the script also be able to loot the cow field north of the main one, across the river next to the chicken field. be able to choose between twose cow fields.
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