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    1. After the last two game updates, I've lost all DB settings. The only thing that gets saved are my proxy/account settings. Breaks, gui preference, and covert mode settings are all lost What do?
    2. Maybe disregard? I think it's fine now. Unsure, just msg me if there's a problem.
    3. Accidentally made a purchase on here using an old billing address, so my bank declined the payment. But I still own the script as of rn. How do I send the payment properly?
    4. I'm a small time botter, I only have 3-5 proxies and around 5-8 bots going at a time. My goal is automation, and I HATE coming back to check on my systems and seeing that a script has been stuck for hours on end. This script however, has never given me any issues. This script is 100% fire and forget, once I start them I typically don't even check them for weeks at a time. I have come to trust it much more than any other script that I own. It has produced many 800+ total level accounts for me, very excited for future work from this developer.
    5. Hey, love the script, good job. But it was getting stuck for me if you manage to get a farming level during the favor grind.
    6. Why even risk it? A proxy is less than $2
    7. Hello, I would love to see a "profiles" section on the breaks page, so that I can easily apply different break schedules to different clients on the same machine. Would this be a feature that could be easily implemented? Or is there a way to do this now without a VPS? Thanks
    8. I'll try it out, promo please? Thanks
    9. As already mentioned, they're doing the prime promotion. Ban rates are way up rn, especially on new accounts.
    10. After it reaches the combat levels listed it smoothly transitions to fishing
    11. Sent you a FR on discord. Edit: Worked as advertised, quick delivery.
    12. For the accounts, I have no idea, I tried to find that myself and I couldn't locate it. However, the proxies file is easily editable and importable. Located at: \your install path\dreambot\bot data\proxies
    13. Hello, I cannot get it to open multiple tabs/log in multiple accounts. What am I doing wrong with this? java -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\Users\PC1\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar C:\Users\PC1\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -script "B14'S Potato Farmer" "B14'S Potato Farmer" "B14'S Potato Farmer" "B14'S Potato Farmer" "B14'S Potato Farmer" "B14'S Potato Farmer" -world 425 425 425 431 431 431 -username thiccthighs -password password -account 8 9 10 11 12 13 It only starts up one tab, account 8. How do I get it to start all the accounts? @Nuclear Nezz
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