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    1. Hey so I just noticed that the script drinks a full potion at once when I have potions selected. Was using super combats so if gone unnoticed it would have been very costly! Was this user error? Should I have 0.25 potions per trip entered so the bot only drinks one dose? Cheers
    2. About two and a half hours in total, split into three parts over the course of about 4-6hrs. No problem I hope this helps!
    3. From a fresh client I had three tabs open, started the script on fresh accounts at the same time. Starting a new client solves the issue- however I should note that all three accounts were permabanned this morning when I checked. Lots of people botting on each world though so thats to be expected
    4. It looks like the script counts each bot on the client as the same; ie when the first bot reaches its goal then the script assumes all bots have reached their goal. Hope this helps!
    5. Update: I've found that when training multiple accounts the script stopped after the first acc reached its combat goal. Attempting to restart the script results in autostopping as soon as I hit 'Start'. Restarted client and the issue persisted [SCRIPT]14:37:13: Something sent really wrong. Contact noCap! [SCRIPT]14:37:19: Profile Null. Contact noCap! Stopping script. [INFO]14:37:19: Stopping script: noCap's Combat and Fishing Leveler [SCRIPT]14:37:19: ---------------------------------------------------- [SCRIPT]14:37:19: Stopped Script... [SCRIPT]14:37:20: -
    6. Tested for about half an hour so far with no issues to report; seems like a really nice script. Keeping an eye on to see how it transitions to the fishing aspect and will keep you updated. Good job and cheers!
    7. Antisita


      Unfortunately the bot gets stuck again after climbing upstairs in Juliet's house. At this moment it appears the script is unusable; I hope this has helped and you don't have too much trouble updating & fixing the errors. Cheers!
    8. Antisita


      Update: bot also gets stuck after picking cadava berries, restarting script seems to have fixed. I will keep an eye on it and update
    9. Antisita


      Testing this script now, when it attempts to do 'cooks assistant' the bot climbs down the ladder to lumb castle basement then gets stuck. This happened with every reset. Trailing the script with Romeo and Juliet, then the rest of them; I'll keep you updated on what happens!
    10. Hi, first of all I want to say great script I've never had any issues with it nor been banned. If it is not too much trouble; may I request you update the script to include the use of looting bags for those of us on pvp or DMM worlds? Also I noticed when cutting yews by port phasmatys the bot can't figure out how to get into the city, would that be amendable? I've got no coding experience whatsoever so I apologise is these are big asks! Cheers
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