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  1. Well done, it all works now. I didn't notice any other issues so far.
  2. Following method is returning null because a hook is broken: getInventory().getSelectedItemName(). Can you fix this hook?
  3. Hello, after the update your script gets stuck at choosing shrimp in inventory. Log says Tell Nezz that the following method is returning null because a hook is broken: getInventory().getSelectedItemName().
  4. UPD: I watched the script working for an hour - they all look different now and the first letter is capital in 50% of names. Well done! The only minor thing is that it still creates a lot of guys with bald heads. Maybe force it to click haircuts more in next update, but it's not a big deal. Just a little thing for the future - it's much better now than it was before anyways.
  5. @Man16 I second that, would be nice to see more variety in terms of bots look and also their nicknames. Not necessary, but would be great. I would gladly pay extra five bucks a month if you would make them look really different from each other and add more variety to in-game usernames (including capital letters, numbers, etc.)
  6. Wait, you mean 100 accounts in a row? You just leave the dreambot to make 100? Damn, you create a lot of accs then. I never get to that point - I usually switch it off before that, so I don't know what happens when you get to 100. In that case rebooting is really the only option I guess.
  7. I use the script it all the time and I never noticed anything like accounts creation limit and I create quite a bunch of them everyday. @Man16 Again, nice script, man. Worth it's money. I hope you don't have any plans to stop supporting it?
  8. Akris


    How does pricing work in this script? Does the script increase the amount of money it pays for the item eventually or it's set at specific amount?
  9. Akris


    @Roma Hello, I want to thank you for the last update - it all works great now with F2P bots. I really appreciate your work on this script. Cheers!
  10. Hello, upvoted, would like to get a trial
  11. Akris


    He already made an update for that and also some other stuff, but the recompile request is still pending. @Roma How's the recompile request doing by the way? It's been a few days already, the update is still not on SDN, right? I hope Dreambot staff approves it as soon as possible.
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