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    1. I cant even change world or login, login screen is frozen. Is it same for you?
    2. Hello. Not sure if right sub, but I have problem creating osrs account. I tried on my home ip, tried on many different proxies and also different browsers, cleaning cache. Tried on another computer and getting always same errors. Error 1020. "This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks" Find possibele solutions to this problem. Wonder if its from jagex side or something is wrong with my pc or something? Because im able to create account on same IP on mobile phone.
    3. Hello. Im looking for good services where can buy socks. Like for example pay 50$ and have 150 of them per month or something like that. With software and easy to use. Any advices?
    4. Need tutorial accounts, they should be made on specific IP. Can be France, Germany, Australia or Canada.
    5. I know its not dreambot, but seems like runescape added security for creating accounts. You said after couple minutes it was fixed for you. Did you used proxy or your own ip?
    6. Hello. I have been using proxies all the time, different ones. I tried with many different IP, still getting this error. Any ideas or how to come around this?
    7. Sheep shearer quest is stucking when need to choose from 3 dialogues. "Yes I can do that" but its staying there and need to do it manually, otherwise everything is fine so far.
    8. Need 5 accounts that meet the new grand exchange trade restriction requirements 10+ Quest Points 20+ Hours of Playtime 100+ Total Levels Accounts should also Be made on CANADA IP addresses 300k each account. I might need total 50 accounts per week. First time will need only 5 to try.
    9. Hey. This tutorial island was the best so far, just need update. Never had better island than this one! Let us know when update is released!
    10. Can someone help me? I cant use many bots with proxy on my new pc. I use 1acc = 1ip. I bot 10 accs on my laptop, always no problem. I bought PC and I tried to open clients, something strange happening. I open first account(1 client) then I open second one and when second one is loading, first one is getting connection lost, but not logging out, just need to wait like I got some internet problem. I set up all 10 accs, 1 gets connection lost then 8 more gets also same time. I tried on laptop, they were staying 1h without problem. What wrong can be? I tried fresh start, wifi, internet cabel and even phone hotspot. It feels like all accs are connected on same ip, but they are not! I tried deleting ip from list then only the acc with that ip getts logged out, others staying still.
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