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    1. Tried using the agility bot but doesn't doe anything ... is there a problem with it ? 

    2. can you tell me where and what settings you used in the UI? The average run time is over 3 hours for this script so I have a hard time believing it just doesnt work.
    3. that is because you are probably using the web walker somewhere and there is a link to use the ladder/door. You will need to make custom paths or override the web walker
    4. you shouldnt even be trying to interact with the ladder if you dont need to use it...
    5. where at on the course? i have run this over 100 hours on my accounts and have never had this problem
    6. because you imported the java Area class and not the area class from dreambot
    7. better question is why are you still using DB2 when its going to be retired soon
    8. sounds like you accidentally set it to catherby or its a case of the dreambot client leaking to another if you are running multiple instances of it at the same time (static API) i will see what i can do to make the default interact method for dreambot less bot-like
    9. THIS SCRIPT IS IN BETA, PLEASE REPORT BUGS WITH AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE! Supported Locations: Lumbridge (Bank/Drop) Lumbridge Swamp (Bank/Drop) Draynor (Bank/Drop) Al Kharid (Bank/Drop) Entrana Dock (Drop) Entrana River (Drop) Barbarian Village (Drop) Catherby (Bank/Drop) Fishing Guild (Bank/Drop) Ottos Grotto (Drop) Minnow Platform (None) Corsair Cove (Drop) Supported Fish Types: Shrimps/Anchovies/Sardines/Herring (Draynor, Al Kharid, Catherby, Fishing Guild, Entrana Dock, Lumbridge Swa
    10. Can we please add Corsair Cove bank (and to the web if not already added)? @Pandemic
    11. the Inventory.drop method uses shift dropping FYI anyway: you have the timeout set to 1000, so it stops holding shift after 1 second
    12. i need an account so I can gather the data for the courses. i dont have a members account with that high agility ATM yes it already picks them up
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