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    1. It changes how the client interacts with the game in a manner that can reduce bans for certain things. That is about all of the insight we can provide, if we made it publicly available nothing stops other clients from copying.
    2. Need someone to sell me accounts that aren't trade restricted because I am lazy bitcoin / eth ty ty
    3. Hello friend this video should help you Botting on a VPN is dumb, don't do it
    4. Please stop posting threads begging for stuff. This isn't a charity.
    5. After looking at your prior business related post I have no confidence in your abilities to manage such a farm. You are not even a VIP member so you are at most running two accounts, other post by you recently state that you can't even afford low tier proxies. The lack of margins, the illegal and unethical slavery business model, and your attitude don't give me much to work with... and for that reason I am out.
    6. You need to install Java, if you already have it and it's still not starting properly Google and run "JarFix" and that'll help.
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