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    2. There is no publicly available support server for Dreambot, we used to had one but it got banned. There is an educational Discord server available where some support might be available. https://discord.gg/wvZaH3W please read the rules section before posting, thanks!
    3. No way to give you an exact banrate that would be a good answer. Banrates are subject to 100000 factors and no one even knows 10% of them. Covert mode changes how the client operates slightly in varying ways. It has been proven to reduce bans on a number of task, but some types of scripts might not benefit from it as much as others. It's a lot of trail and error but my motto is always better safe than sorry. Tldr: covert mode better most of the time
    4. Hot take 😛 It was underused imo because DreamBot 2 only supported fixed window and it was cancerous to actually play on. Devs didn't fix that QoL issue until DreamBot 3 and with that upgrade they removed it. At this point there just isn't enough interest or use cases to reimplement it.
    5. Sadly this used to be a thing but was quite under used and removed with the update to Dreambot 3.
    6. Thank you so much for your feedback about the site. We really appreciate your feedback and are glad that you find it one of the better sites to use! In the future if you need anything or have any questions feel free to create a post or reach out to staff directly. Happy botting.
    7. What IDE are you using?
    8. Dear @AutoMan, Thank you so much for your suggestion to add 1$ per day trails. We appreciate your input and have given it careful consideration. Unfortunately, we have decided not to move forward with this suggestion for the following reasons: People may forget to cancel their 1$ per day subscriptions and rack up a large monthly bill. The current trail system has had no real complaints over the years. Not optimal for credit card processor fees. We understand that you may have a different perspective on this issue, and we value your suggestions. However, we believe that sticking to our current trail method would be a better fit for our current systems and priorities. Thank you again for your suggestion and for your contribution to this project. We hope you will continue to share your ideas and insights with us in the future. Sincerely, @yeeter01
    9. the community is def missing those useful scripts I listed above. dog petting #1 antiban
    10. dog petter rat killer cabbage picker dancer
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