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    1. Hi @TheCloakdOne I think this script is very good! I just can't figure out how to use the equipment upgrade tab (can't build a list, and don't fully understand the UI options) Is there documentation for this? That's it. Thanks!!
    2. //I'll try and make this quick Hello, Botting-World! A bit about my distinguished botting history : Despite my longevity with RS botting, I've only botted an estimated 100-150 hours over the last 10 years (no name calling please :p). On a more serious note: I'm awed by how much scripts have evolved since my first exposure to them years ago, and am joyed when I see a few persistent devs who (from what I can tell so far) clearly show passion for their projects. It makes me wonder what Dreambot developer's consensus is regarding the future of botting.. On a lighter note: Thanks for reading thus far! What I look forward to is exploring the forums, learning about future developments in Dreambot, and enjoying the botting-wave we're all on together here at Dreambot! Sincerely, You can call me Al. //I'm serious about my name, this was not a reference to the song by Paul Simon 😛 --- P.S. I believe Dreambot is #1 in the industry (my opinion (I haven't tried other bots)).
    3. Love this script, and am happy to have purchased it. In being helpful @TheCloakdOne. Here are my notes: - When doing 'Enter the Abyss' script. Upon doing the first teleport (1st one of 3) into the Abyss, it's meant to walk to the next teleportation area, but instead remains in once place and the script does nothing. I had to use my Tele tab, and resume the script - This might apply to all quests, but it happened when doing "X marks the spot" . The account goes to the bank, pulls a lumberyard teleport, and an inventory full of Rune Essence. It then tries to withdraw a Varrock Teleportation tab, but due to being full the script just begins to loop over and over again attempting to grab a Varrock tab. I was lucky I was there on the 2nd loop. - On X Marks the spot, when taking the ship at Port Sarim, it does not exit the boat upon arrival. It just stands there and does nothing. I was unable to complete this quest, as I did not know what the next step was. The log says it's unable to walk from tile, this is due to an action not being taken prior. UPDATE: Upon some further digging, I see that the script skipped going to the Lumbridge bar to speak to Veos, and instead bypassed that step and went to see Veos at Port Sarim (not Lumbridge where the quest starts - After completing a few quests, it attempts to do Nature Spirit, it needs to buy items from GE, but it opens my bank first and then does not close the bank to buy items (IMAGE FOR THIS EXAMPLE Attached) -- UPDATE: Noticed in the logs, that when it does not have enough room in inventory, it does not place items in bank to make room and instead loops without taking any in game action Let me know if you have any new beta updates I can gain access to, would love to do more quests, but respect that scripting them takes time GL with this.
    4. Would like to try this, any chance I could have a trial?
    5. @Aeglen, the script will perform a certain skill (e.g. firemaking at GE) then decide to go to Lumbridge and fight goblins. What it does not do is grab any of the trout or salmon I pre-bought. My character has gotten to very low health (2 hp) to the point where I have to pause the script to go heal. Any chance you could add food requirements before any melee, magic,, or range training? Thanks! Btw great work on this! I look forward to paying for the final release :), do release a P2P version :):)
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