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  • Are you not able to open the client? Make sure you have Java 8 installed
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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  1. I just bought this earlier today and the tarromin tars are not working correctly. It just keeps spamming on the tarromin in the bank and the GUI says "Withdrawing items".
  2. Edit: When I first bought it, the GUI was all jacked up. I restarted dream it and it started working fine. Starting to test the script now.
  3. PM’ing you as well @Nex. The settings GUI is really small and I can’t see all the options. It won’t let me resize the GUI window and it doesn’t let me start the script either. Edit: Says you can’t receive PMs @Nex.
  4. PM’ing you as well @Nex. The settings GUI is really small and I can’t see all the options. It doesn’t let me start the script either.
  5. Bought this a while back and using it now. It's working great.
  6. Is this not updated anymore? Not seeing any responses from the dev.
  7. I think I'm going to give up. I have 3-ish accounts left to bot on that haven't gotten banned yet. I think I'm going to leave them to rest for a while.
  8. Update to this service. I bought 51 accounts from them. They all got locked right after logging in and trying to run to the lumbridge bank. I got them unlocked and they were already banned. I didn't even get to try botting on them =/
  9. Wow...this was insane. Every single account I purchased from them is banned. They were all locked within about 3 minutes of logging in. I got them unlocked today and every single one is banned. I didn't even get to bot on them yet. I only got to run to the lumbridge bank >.>
  10. I ended up buying 51 tut island accounts from mod-rs.net. I figure that would last me a while if not forever for long-term botting like I want to do. The first account got banned almost immediately. The second other 50 accounts have all been locked and mod-rs quit responding. They’re supposed to auto-unlock after you submit a form, but no luck yet. I’m still working through how to even make $ and it’s not going too well so far. Paying off the price of a bond is the issue I’m primarily having. Nothing looks too promising.
  11. I did. I also bought 3 accounts that were 7 QP, but they got locked right away too. I had attached an email to two of them, so I still have those. The third one is gone though.
  12. Thanks guys. So far it's been painful. I created a bunch of accounts and ran them through tut island. I'm trying to have the accounts unlinked. They keep getting locked about 2 hours-ish into playing =/
  13. Is there a way to set the client to cycle through different accounts? For example: Login to account 1 and run a script. After 1 hour, log out and switch to account 2. Run account 2 for an hour, switch to account 3. And so on..
  14. Hey guys. I’ve been playing since the original rs (complete garbage lol) and have never had over about 300mil. I was a legitimately maxed player until dungeoneering was released. I got to 116 legit and hated it so much that I tried botting to 120. The bot got stuck at 118 and I lost the account. Unlike those days where I had a lot of free time, I’ve been trying to bot an account to a decent level to play again and I keep getting banned. I’ve got a legit new account I just made that I’m having powerleveled. So now I want to create a bot farm to make my first bil. I don’t know how to do this, how mules work, or even what method to use, but I’m going to start researching and learning. I’ve read that a VPS is a necessity and also that it will give you an auto-ban, so I don’t know. I’m planning to pick up a bunch of yahoo accounts and not sure of tut island 7 qp accounts or brand new accounts and do it on my own, and start figuring this out. My goal is to hit 1bil by the end of the year (probably unlikely). I’ll post any major milestones along the way here.
  15. Cgjohnst2


    I wouldn't recommend using this script. I've had all my accounts banned separately this last week from using it. Yesterday my main got banned after babysitting it during 2 quests while I chatted in my clan and in public. This account I had not used any other scripts except for these 2 quests last night. Just woke up and I'm banned.
  16. Cgjohnst2


    I haven’t played an account since last September (haven’t played any rs since around April). I just logged onto it and used this script for a couple F2P quests. It took ~15 minutes and I got banned 😕
  17. I'm looking for a new account to become my non-botting main. It needs to have the e-mail reset available. I'd prefer an account that was made before the e-mail logins were required. Discord is usually the best way to get a hold of me. Thanks! Desires: 50+ Slayer/Combat 85+ Mining 60+ Agility Discord: Silky#5611
  18. I just logged in for the first time since September. I got banned within 15 minutes.
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