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    1. My scripts aren't working properly after the latest update. For example, it won't select items properly and seems to get stuck very easily.
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    2. Most likely a game update happened today, our devs will fix it ASAP 😃
      2 points
    3. Pandemic

      DreamBot v3.11.8

      Hello everyone! A new version of DreamBot is now live! Changes: Inventory update fixes Always remember, to be on the latest version of our client you must run DBLauncher.jar! The client does NOT update itself! Thanks, The Dream Team
      1 point
    4. Roma

      RQuester [50+ Quests]

      Wait till the game and bot gets fixed. You'll experience issues with any script ATM.
      1 point
    5. omg plz hurry this is unacceptable!!!
      1 point
    6. SubCZ

      Refund- Slayer script

      Hi, from discord it sounded like the issue was about safespots which the script does not support currently. If there is an issue with spamming the gem this is the first time I'm hearing it and I'd need to know which task it is. Refund is still fine with me
      1 point
    7. https://imgur.com/a/lmFYWBD If you go through this and look this is my conversation with him with many deleted messages from his side. I also have the blockchain address. He deleted where he told me to send it to. Why would I send it to a random bitcoin address when I am paying him and say that I paid him like he said in his private script forum. I do not know what phishing links are and what they do and he said I posted them all over his server which I did not. Please have a thorough look into this scammer as he scammed out of $1300 dollars. In the discord images it looks like I am talking to myself from his deleted messages. He says on his page that I tried to send it to fake address when I showed that on the blockchain in the specific forum that the transaction went through. Why coincidentally on the screenshots above does it not show his bitcoin address for no reason when I asked him to send by bitcoin. Also, it is very very obvious that he deleted messages to fit what he wants to say as some parts of the chats looks like I am talking to myself but I am talking to him. I fully trusted him as the user and scripter Defiled recommended him in his own discord server which I did go and do. Another user in defiled server had a bad encounter with him but he got refunded.
      1 point
    8. I have reached out to Hosfad and banned him, he stated that he will be returning your money. Please confirm once your money is returned.
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    9. Where can i find this script for amethyst? Thank u
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    10. "AFK for hours on end!" Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce my second free script for DreamBot, bonIdler. This script attempts to idle and keep itself logged into the game for as long as you'd like to run the script. Start the script to idle. Stop the script to stop idling. It's that simple. Perfect for meeting the 20-hour trade restriction requirement for newly created Free-to-Play accounts! Features Keeps the player logged in Comes equipped with log-normal distribution randomization to have very realistic interaction timings that are unique to each player This allows the player to very rarely logout due to being too idle. This is done on purpose to appear more human-like, as humans cannot be logged in 100% of the time Performs a variety of human-like actions to keep itself logged in, including: Panning the camera Clicking on random tabs Pressing keyboard keys Hovering over random skills Prevents common failure states by doing the following: Closing dialogues Closing widgets Turning off "Accept Aid" (to prevent Tele-Other) Handling and accepting OldSchool Bonds that are offered to the player 😛 Moves the mouse off-screen to simulate the user having the game out of focus Logs the total idling time to the console when the script has been stopped Preview Changelog Current Version: v1.03 User Reviews Here's what some of bonIdler's users have to say about the script:
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    11. Hid all of those posts. @lolarne Please don't instigate @KoolKidzKlub if you'd like to get help or figure out if this (or any) script is broken, please come asking questions in good faith and show respect for everyone on our site. @Bonfire replied to you in literally 4 minutes for a free script, something that you're not entitled to and you just responded with more negativity with no regard for solving your own problem. If you actually want help with something, just be kind and respectful and try to work together to find a solution, not rude and hostile from the get go. Thanks!
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    12. @AsBakedAsCake your comment is defamation. I have never seen you in my life, never talked to you, would prefer to stay really far from you after your mindless comments.
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