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    1. | All Mazchna tasks | Profiles | Teleports | Stronghold | Information: This script can do all tasks from Mazchna slayer master. Below is a list of all the tasks. Did you know this script is also part of Dreamy AIO Skiller Elite? See here Features: All Mazchna tasks. Anti-potions support. Item finisher. Will use different teleports. Stop script when run out of items. Items needed: Waterskins(4) Food Lumbridge teletabs Camelot teletabs Varrock teletabs Salve graveyard teletab Coins Lit candle lantern Spiny helmet Necklace of passage Earmuffs Insulated boots Mirror shield Mort'on teletab Bag of salt Ice cooler NPC list Banshee Bat Bear Catablepon Cave bug Cave crawler Cave slime Cockatrice Crawling Hand Desert lizard Dogs Earth warrior(Warning: WILDY TASK, block this if you do not want the script to do this task) Flesh crawler Ghost Ghoul Hill Giant Ice warrior Kalphites Killerwatt Mogres Pyrefiend Rockslug Scorpion Vampyre Wall Beast Wolf Zombie Hobgoblins Shade Skeleton Note: Please make sure you have atleast more then 10+ salve graveyard teletabs in your inventory and the slayer Enchanted gem) Screenshots:
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    2. Click here for your 2 hour free trial! Features Blackjacking: Menaphite Thug, Bandit (level 41), Bandit (level 56) Up to 200k experience per hour! Pickpocketing: Man, Farmer, Warrior Woman, Al-Kharid Warrior, Master Farmer, Guard, Knight of Ardougne, Paladin, Hero Stealing from stalls: Tea stall, Bakery stall, Fruit stall Dodgy necklace support Banking and dropping Eating food Quickstart Very informative paint Active customer support Gallery Requirements Blackjacking - Completion of The Feud quest Click here for your 2 hour free trial!
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    3. Thank you Just hit 'Try' in the SDN when you are ready
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    4. Hello there @PapaH You would want to check if the crab is not in combat in the npc predicate , i also noticed that you are using == for a String , That doesnt work in java , you need to use .equals for Strings in java . Your predicate should look something like NPC SandCrab = NPCs.closest(crab -> crab != null && crab.getName().equals("Sand Crab") && !crab.isInCombat() && attackSpot.contains(crab));
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    5. Yes, the first month is $17.95, and every month after that is $19.95. You can cancel the subscription under the Support -> Manage Renewals tab in the top bar. If you only plan on using it for one month, you could cancel renewal right after purchasing it and you will have access to it for one month. There is also a lifetime option for the advanced version of this script for $107.95. ('Sub Quester - Advanced Edition Lifetime' in the script search) - that one does not have a monthly fee.
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    6. they dont send back camera data lol. nor do they care about they angle the camera is at since they cant tell if there's an object in the way or not.
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