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    1. Dreamy AIO Skiller update: New framework Dreamy Crafting fully rewritten + new GUI Dreamy Cooking now supports making wines. Lots of general script improvements. Dreamy Magic is now added. Stop settings are now build in the scripts seperate.
    2. Hey! That seems really fast, have you botted anything before? Join my discord so we can talk about this
    3. This script only functions in tempoross worlds. The fires are really hard to avoid perfectly. I will take a look on improving it tho.
    4. Added headless arrows to fletching. Made smithing GUI a little bit more clear. Fixed drinking stamina's on agility. Fixed gnome course on agility. Few other small improvements.
    5. That's good to hear, I just ran it and I found out something went wrong on my last update. It should be working on the upcoming update.
    6. Remove your Jagex cache/Enable fresh start. If you still have any issues, join my discord so I can assist you
    7. Hey, could you join my discord? Breaks are not really suggested on this script since it's almost everytime in combat
    8. Make sure you do not have a game started. If you need help PM me on discord
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