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    1. Alclueholic "It's like an alcoholic, but for clue scrolls" [add script] Description A simple beginner clue scroll solver. Completes scrolls in 2 to 10 minutes, depending on complexity. Setup Have a clue scroll either in your inventory or bank Meet all item and level requirements Click start Features Quick-start support - Requires no interaction to start the script, can even be executed from within another script. Optional quick-start parameters o, open: boolean; toggles the option to open your casket
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    2. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER Features Supports stun alching, curse alching, etc. Supports humidifying Supports stringing jewellery Supports plank making Supports tanning leathers Supports enchanting Supports superheating Supports splashing Supports teleporting Active customer support Gallery @Allinium
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    3. Roma

      RQuester [50+ Quests]

      Supported Quests: 1. Animal Magnetism 21. Knight's Sword 40. The Tourist Trap 2. Biohazard 22. Lost City 41. The Golem 3. Big Chompy Bird Hunting 23. Mountain Daughter 42. The Gnome Village 4. Client Of Kourend 24. Nature Spirit
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    4. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER Features Supports all bars except bronze bars Pays fee every 10 minutes when under 60 smithing Supports cooling down smelted bars with bucket of water or ice gloves Supports stamina potions to boost run energy Supports coal bag to carry twice as much coal Stops when out of ores or coffer is empty Supports DreamBot's QuickStart Cool dynamic signature Active customer support Requirements Started the quest The Giant Dwarf (No requirements to start the quest) Atl
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    5. Features: Notes: This script uses a bit more CPU power than most other scripts, therefore users may see spikes in CPU usage at certain stages of the script. Lag and delay will cause the script to malfunction and run slower. The script can hunt black chins but there is no support for deathwalking etc. Shift dropping with bones may bury them, resulting in prayer XP. The script can get stuck whilst walking from certain places due to the web (whilst using banking). So if this happens, the script will just idle. So be careful! Instructions:
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    6. Sweet thanks for the update
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    7. There's a lot of variables to when the "too many login attempts" clears. Sometimes the login attempt limit clears within a minutes, other times 10+. Sometimes after a few world hops, other times 20+ hops. Because of this, 20-30 min wait may be a nuisance for some scripts if implemented as a blanket solution (though I'd personally love to see it implemented, but I'm biased as I usually run scripts that hop worlds a lot!) Think you'd be better off writing something yourself to handle waiting that timer out. That way you have control over wait times to find the perfect fit.
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    9. Yes? Please? At least the info button that opens the topic for the script would be delightful.
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    10. EDIT: that's the fastest bot ever btw.
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    11. holic

      Script Scheduler tool

      Neato! When I actually finish my looter I'll add quick-start support so you can do this.
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    12. I never noticed the "Stand anywhere" feature. Thanks for explaining! Much better! This script is LEGIT! I purchased it this morning for anyone curious. It's well worth your money. I will be posting updates again in the near future. Thanks Hashtag!
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