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    1. Excellent. There will be an update soon with better rune banking/handling. As for the Dark Wizards that might be an issue with the site I'm pulling the info from, I'll check. And this script currently doesn't have dungeon support. It'll get added later on hopefully but right now it's not high on my list of things to do since it requires membership and I don't feel like paying. I just write scripts for fun, don't even play RS.
    2. Interesting, I haven't had any errors with this code but maybe I made some tweaks after posting this. I'll check and if I have, I'll update the OP. I don't think I had those privileges yet when I originally posted this.
    3. Have you tried resizing the configuration window itself? Drag the window larger, the fields should grow. Edit: My bad, forgot I locked the dimensions. I'll see what I can do for you.
    4. I see now, thank you. What OS and what resolution is your monitor? Also just resizing the window should make those snap to a larger size so give that a go for now
    5. Update 0.96 Bunch of bugs fixed: Fixed rune banking bug Fixed arrow equipping bug Fixed rune requirement bug Here's your update! Sorry, what do you mean exactly? Those are all options in the "Optional" tab and aren't disabled. If they were disabled, the input fields would be grey like the fields below the food options
    6. Hey can you share your configuration? Just save your setup to a file, then copy and paste the output, I'll see what the issue is. And please share the crash info, where/how/when is it crashing? You can get this info by pressing Ctrl+L and copying the error from the log.
    7. Colour botting isn't exactly dead in it's current state but definitely not thriving. Simba (the successor to SCAR) is still being developed and is open-source: https://github.com/ollydev/Simba Their community is https://villavu.com/forum and they'd probably have more complete answers for you then you'll get here. AHK mouse is a debated topic and I personally don't trust it. I think if your mouse clicks are too close together in time but far apart in distance that it's pretty detectable but YMMV.
    8. Hey, buddy. Thank you very much! It's kind words like this that keep me going on projects like this. So you're welcome and have a great day!
    9. Hey there, thanks for letting me know. I was unaware of this bug but sounds like it should be a simple fix. Expect an update in the next day or two that fixes that.
    10. That's in there but I guess it's a little spotty. It should check the bank first for the missing item if its closer than just getting a new item from a spawn. Might get to it in the next little bit.
    11. Minor Update 0.95 Added start tile to UI. Quickstart start tile option will override start tile in config file, if set. Fixed break bug that killed the script Fixed safe-spotting Improved ActionChecker General bug fixes
    12. Excellent, I'm wondering now if the issue was just network related. I'll see what I can do about preventing that. As for allow running, I just tried it and unchecking it turns off running, checking it turns on running so I'm sure I'm able to recreate your bug. Does the console say running is enabled when you uncheck it? Whatever happened here seems like a client issue but again I'll keep looking at this script to see if there's anything I can do to improve it.
    13. Go here: https://sdn.dreambot.org/scripts Find "Fightaholic" Click "Add" Launch Dreambot Click "Start script" Choose Fightaholic
    14. Hey man, I'm taking a quick look. Is this still happening? If it is, can you check that there are indeed image files in the folder "C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\DreamBot\Scripts\Walkaholic\images"?
    15. Hey all, I will be releasing an update to this shortly to fix most of the bugs you've been having. My main issue right now, besides free time, is how hard it is to create new accounts to test right now as my IP is flagged and I don't have a VPN to use, nor feel like paying for one just to write free scripts lol. If anyone's feeling generous, hit me up with an account (lvl 3 is perfectly alright) or two created "in" Canada so I can keep plugging away. Accounts created on my IP are banned almost instantly due to me hardcore testing another, unreleased script. Otherwise hopefully e
    16. Hey man, here's what I do: Grab the client's current window dimensions to use as my limit for "large" movements Get the distance between my current mouse position and the target mouse position If the distance is greater than X amount, then 10-15% of the time I call EaseMouse. That X amount could be half the screen, almost the entire screen, greater than that, whatever. I limit it to 10-15% since some actions would constantly call EaseMouse, and then it's more detectable (I assume), like closing a bank or interacting with something on screen after walking. Hope that
    17. Hey man, it's been a while since I've made an update to this script so it's very possible it's just throwing an error. I'll take a look at it and see what I can do for you.
    18. No worries, buddy And yeah unfortunately its a known bug, on the list. Seems to have just started happening randomly so I'm guessing my break delay thingy is throwing an error. Should be fixed soon.
    19. Hey thank you very much I have some time tomorrow to work on this so I'll add it to the list! Ah I see, cheers! And no worries, I know it's not criticism. I appreciate the feedback, it goes a long way to making the script better for everyone. Thanks for the kind words. Just for the sake of debugging, what NPC(s) in particular were you fighting? It'll help it see if any NPCs in particular make it slower than others.
    20. Hey man, thanks for the great feedback. I'll get to it when I get a chance here, busy with some stuff. As my IP is flagged so I'm having a hard time creating accounts to test updates at the moment. I will look into improving the safespotting as it's not really something I've fully flushed out. No, it does go AFK every now and again but actual breaks will have to be set in DreamBot. Are you still having this problem? Can you send me your settings if you are. Thanks, man! What's it doing between kills that's making it slow? Do you have looting set to a high frequency?
    21. Nice! That's excellent! Mind telling me how it's breaking? Is it just stopping completely or is it taking a minute to respond to them? If its the latter, there's meant to be a delay in responding to randoms instead of the default instant response.
    22. holic

      Paint issues

      Wrap your paint with a try/catch and log the errors to find out what the problem is. try { ...paint... } catch (Exception e) { for (StackTraceElement ex : e.getStackTrace()) log("Error onPaint: " + ex.toString()); } Something like that should show you what's going on.
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