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    1. Can you post the warning and the last bit of your log before the script quits? My scripts are pretty detailed in their logged information so it'll give us both an idea of what's happening.
    2. Copy, thanks for sharing. Until I push an update, save a configuration file somewhere and open it in a text editor. You can manually enter the amount, just look for this bit: [optional] ... eat=true food=Trout health=35 <- Enter percentage here drink=false ... Add the percentage on the health= line, no percent sign.
    3. I'll see what I can do for the next release, seems some users have had the same issue. Does resizing the window change anything for you? I can't remember if its meant to be resized and will check later.
    4. Hey just wanted to check in that b2p is working as intended. I haven't heard of any issues from anyone but that doesn't mean its working lol
    5. Great script, buddy. Thanks for sharing it! One little request, could you make it not go to the bank at the start if you already have the required items in your inventory?
    6. Major Update - v0.999 Added prayers: needs improvement and to add the ability to setup quick prayer Added potions: don't include the number of doses ("Strength potion", not "Strength potion(4)"), won't use Prayer potions until your prayer is almost drained Added required items: these items will be retrieved if missing, unlike its neighbouring "Don't deposit" Improved rune handling: now withdraws the required amount per rune type per spell (Air rune x3, Fire rune x2, Mind rune x1) Improved banking Improved safe-spotting Improved general speed Reverted kill counter to estimate Probably more, busy past few weeks Bug fixes
    7. Version 0.2 Shift-click a location from the "Jump to" menu to automatically start walking there Added more custom webnodes Speed improvements I'll see about adding it, but I don't have a members account to test this kinds of things so YMMV.
    8. Noted, I'll fix this next week.
    9. I've greatly improved the death-handling with this release Fixed! Added the option in the "Optional" tab Would you mind sharing your console's output? It would help to know what it's doing
    10. Ah good call, my friend! If you run out of food, arrows, runes or meet your targets then the script comes to an end but I don't think I have it set to logout. I'll add it if I don't.
    11. Hmm, might be an issue with drinks. Would you mind sharing your config? I'll look into it.
    12. Death handling and grave looting are active on this script, did it miss your grave? I'll add it eventually, don't have a members account to test that kind of stuff though.
    13. Don't use tutorial island scripts, rest your account, don't bot in busy places and never don't on an account you care about. There's also a prime event right now meaning ban rates are up so you gotta bot smart. If you're not looting it'll be a little slower but that will be improved in future versions.
    14. I'll be doing some tweaking to the loot cycle as it is so sure thing but it currently does that to make space in your inventory before adding another item to it which then reduces the amount of bank trips. It means you can also have more equipment in your inventory or whatever since it's not trying to add items before removing items (ie burying bones). Also if you're missing items, trying increasing your looting frequency to high
    15. Lol well, what's the error my man? Can you copy and paste it here, please. I can't do anything with information. Also what settings are you using?
    16. Cheers. I'll investigate it tomorrow but try entering a withdraw amount for your food, it might be a dumb bug.
    17. It's for aggressive monsters like rock crabs but needs improvement. It should hopefully keep the aggressive monsters from becoming tolerant of you by leaving the area every so often.
    18. Eventually I'll get around to adding that option! For now, feel free to use my other script to kill Goblins and collect scrolls then just fire this guy up when you're ready.
    19. When you launch DB, before clicking the "Launch Client" button, move the slider above it marked "Memory Allocated" to be at least 512MB
    20. Sorry bud, hate to say it but bans aren't my fault nor the script's; it comes down to how you created the account (did you use a tutorial island script? A fresh IP?), how you handled the account (did you rest it? Did play legit at all?) and how you botted (did you bot somewhere super busy? Did you play for normal amount of time?). Just make a new account and try again and never bot an account you can't handle losing.
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