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  2. Cystic

    Coffee Thread

    I get it sometimes if I drink a lot of energy drinks, I usually don't drink enough for it to happen though. I do love Bang and Monster though, not the original Monster, pretty much any other flavor. Bang is great though
  3. Koschei

    Coffee Thread

    How do you like the french press vs the reusable pods? Been contemplating getting one, not sure if it's worth the effort of getting one and having to clean it each time.
  4. Today
  5. Bought 40 accounts. Fast trades and the accounts are great.
  6. @Milasoft I tend to agree with @Xephy here. You're basically keeping your customer hostage even though the agreement in terms of timeframe wasn't respected. This is not how the real world works. If you're paid to provide a product and/or service, you're naturally more than expected to do whatever it is you're hired for. You are to refund @Mencista in full within seven days as of this time of posting. Spending money you haven't "earned" yet is a hard lesson learned. Speaking out of personal experience.
  7. yeeter01

    Coffee Thread

    Never had that issue. Energy drinks tend to do that to me quite often. I can slam a Redbull or Bang and go to bed withing 30 minutes.
  8. You need to worry about bans no matter what you do lmao. And as for how long can you run depends on the quality of script and the anti pattern implemented.
  9. Yeah I could have swore there was another simpler way to do it but it looks like there's not. Thanks!
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