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  • Baller Progressive WC [Progressive Leveling] [Upgrades Axes] [All Trees] [AIO Custom Locations] [Custom 3 Tier System] [Powerchopping] [Bird nests] [Dragon Axe Special] [Universal Banking]

    Im A Baller

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    Baller Progressive Woodcutter

    Baller Progressive WC includes everything you could need in a woodcutting script - progressive leveling, axe upgrades, AIO custom locations, over 50 pre-coded locations, dragon axe special, birds nests, universal banking, and more!

    Most Important Features


    This is one of the many features that makes Baller's Progressive Woodcutter unique. Currently featuring 36 different locations, there are an infinite number of unique possible paths that you can create, meaning your actions will consistently be different from anyone else's. Using progressive mode, you can easily go from 1 to 99 woodcutting, automatically hopping between trees, locations, and switching axes! You can go from regular to magic trees, and switch from bronze axes all the way up to dragon without even touching your computer! For each individual task, you also have the option to powerchop logs, or bank them, making quick profit or XP for any given type of tree that YOU decide!


    Free Mode - AIO Custom Locations

    Free Mode is an AIO chopper in which you can decide your own area to chop, what trees you'd like to chop, and whether you'd like to bank or just powerchop! If you choose banking, not only will it bank your logs, but the script will also automatically choose the best possible axe that you can use from your bank, letting you to go from bronze to dragon without touching your computer!


    Finally, the last tier to this amazing script is the antiban unique to all Baller scripts, that ultimately puts you in control. Beside our custom progressive and AIO systems that mean you never do the exact same actions as everybody else, if you want more randomized actions, you have the opportunity to complete them at whatever timed or totally random percent intervals that you'd like, making your customized actions truly random!



    Feature Overview

    Redwood trees

    rogressive woodcutting

    Progressive axe-switching

    50 pre-set locations across the RuneScape map

    Custom locations

    Dragon Axe Special Attack

    Picking up Bird's Nests

    All types of trees


    Universal banking

    Different trees at the same time

    Random, percent-based antiban and time-interval antiban


    Edited by Im A Baller
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