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Someone solve this plz

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Shirt: $97


I borrow 50 from both parents: $100


I buy the shirt so have $3 change


I give $1 back to mother so i now owe her $49

I give $1 back to father so i now owe him $49

I keep $1 for myself.


49+49 = 98 (Amount owed to parents)


98 + 1 = 99 (Add the $1 i kept)


Where did the other $1 go?



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You are not missing anything

  1. Paid 97$
  2. Gave back 2$ (1$ to each parent)
  3. Kept 1$
  • 97+2+1 = 100$

Another perspective

  1. You buy the shirt | 3$ left
  2. You give back your parents 1$ each | 1$ left
  3. You keep 1$ for yourself | 0$left

Another perspective

  1. You just gave your parents 2$/100$ back
  2. You have 1$
  3. You still have to pay back 98$
  4. Your Shirt was 97$
  5. So your current wealth is 98$ (Shirt + 1$)
  6. You still owe your parents 98$



You are not missing any money.

  1. Loan 2x 50$
  2. 100$ Debt
  3. Buy 97$ Shirt
  4. 3$ Left
  5. Give back 2/3$ to paretns
  6. 1$ Left


What you are calculating is a random number.

What you have to do instead is ((current wealth 97$ + 1$)=debt) 98$  - 1$ you have kept. Leaving you with 97$ you still need to get somehow.

97$ +1$ + 2$ (Which you allready gave back) = 100$ total.


Edit: formatting


Eh it works i was thinking more so in context of the question and how the math doesnt work behind it :P


Liking everyone elses answers XD

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