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    Beginners Guide to the Dreambot Client

    By: Antonio



    This thread will serve as a guide to the current version of the Dreambot client. This thread will be regularly updated. If you feel that there is anything that needs to be added, feel free to send me a private message.
    Number of allowed tabs:
    Regular Members - 2
    Moderators / Scripters - 5
    VIP / VIP+ / Sponsors - UNLIMITED



    Part 1 - Downloading the Client


    The Dreambot client can be downloaded from the top bar below the dreambot logo.




    Part 2 - Running The Client & Logging In



    In order to run the client, you need to upgrade to the latest version of Java. 
    * To download the latest version of java, go to : https://java.com/en/download/
    * After downloading and installing the latest version of Java, you will need to uninstall all previous version of Java.
    Failure to do the steps above will cause an error in which the client will be unable to start

    Step 1. Locate the client you just downloaded. By default, it should be located in your downloads folder.

    Step 2. Click in the client. It should then bring you up to the dreambot launcher:

    Click Launch Client.

    By default, memory allocated is set to 1024mb. You may adjust it depending on how many bots you plan to be running. 
    For regular members, you are only allowed 2 instances of Dreambot

    Step 3. After launching the client, the dreambot client will open
    NOTE: The console is where errors will print if a script breaks. In such an instance please copy/paste the error and send it to the scripter for quicker fixes
    Step 4. Click File -> Log in. Then type your Dreambot account details:
    Step 5 - Once logged in, click the "+" button, and it will start the Runescape loader
    NOTE: You do not have to click login when you start the client afterwards. Your credentials will be saved upon first entry.

    Congratulations! You have successfully loaded the Dreambot client and Runescape Game. 



    Part 3 - Adding Scripts


    SDN Scripts:

    Step 1: Navigate to the SDN Scripts section of the Dreambot Forum.
    Step 2: Select a script that you wish to use, and click on the thread. For this example, I will be using Dreambot Druids by Nezz.
    Step 3. Most scripts have a direct link to the SDN. If the script does not, head to the SDN by clicking this link:
    Step 4. Search the scirpt in the SDN, and click add.
    Step 5. Congratulations! The script has been added. 


    Local Scripts



    1. Download a .jar file containing a script.

    2. Paste the downloaded file into C:\Users\VladBots\DreamBot\Scripts where VladBots is your Windows username.

    3. Run DreamBot as usual.

    4. After RuneScape loads click Tools then Scripts.

    5. Click on the Local tab at the top of the window that pops up.

    6. Select the script you want to use.

    7. Click Start and enjoy!

    ^ Credits to @Vlad







     Part 4 - Starting Scripts


    In order to start scripts, you must have completed all of the steps above. 
    Step 1.  Start the client, and load up Runescape. 
    Step 2. Log in to your Runescape account, and proceed to the desired location directed by the script
    Step 3. Click on the play button on the bottom of the client:
    Step 4. A window will be opened where all your scripts can be viewed. Select your script, then click start.
    Step 5. Select your options in the GUI, and click start!

    Congratulations! You've successfully started your first script on Dreambot!





    Part 5 - Troubleshooting


    A Java Exception has occured

    1. A Java Exception has occured

    Download the latest version of Java here: http://www.java.com/en/
    Uninstall all previous versions of Java after updating. 

    Stuck in 'Please Wait - Loading Game Client'

    Step 1. Navigate to your Dreambot folder (usually located in: C:\Users\DreamBot )
    Step 2. Click the 'Bot Data' Folder
    Step 3. Delete the 'gamepack.jar' file
    Step 4. Restart the client. It should work from now on!


    Part 6 - Customizing the Dreambot Client


    Adding Accounts:


    Dreambots feature of having your account details added allows the client to re-log in your account as well as enter your bank pin in the case of a disconnection.
    Adding your account also adds names to each tab in your client, letting you know exactly each accounts location in the bot

    Step 1 - Load the Dreambot client. Then go to Settings -> Manage settings -> Edit Accounts. Doing so will open this window:
    Step 2 - Click on 'New account' and fill up the details. Then, click 'Create account'

    Congratulations! You have successfully added your account




    Customizing Client Themes:

    The Dreambot client can be customized to your preferences! 
    Step 1. Start the client. Then click on Settings -> Themer:
    Step 2. Once in the themer, select colors based on your preferences
    Step 3. Click 'Save and Finish' to apply settings. 


    Part 7 - Dreambot's Break System


    Dreambot's Break system allows for a more human-like interaction with the game. Using this feature will reduce bans.
    To activate the Dreambot break system:
    Step 1: Start up the client
    Step 2: Go to Settings -> Manage Settings
    Step 3: Toggle the 'Use Break System' Box. Make sure you have your account added.
    Click to Explain the Break features:

    Break Name: Name of the break - this will show on the screen during the break. This lets you know which break is running.
    Interval (mins): This is how often the break will activate. 120 mins = every 2 hours. This INCLUDES break time.
    Interval Deviation (mins): This is how much the actual interval can differ from the set Interval. Set to 60 yields a break every 60-180 mins each time.
    Duration (mins): Duration of the break
    Duration Deviation (mins): Same as Interval Deviation.
    This setup will throw a break of [2 to 8] mins duration every [60 to 180] mins.

    Here is a crude drawing for those visually entertained:


    When a break is activated, you will see this:


    Congratulations! You have successfully implemented the Break System!



    Part 8 - Using Proxies


    Step 1: Open the launcher -> Click 'Open Proxy Editor'
    Step 2: Click on 'New Proxy'
    Step 3: Fill up the host and port; fill up username and password if the proxy requires log in
    Step 4: You can now select the proxy in the dropdown and click start client!
    NOTE: You can also delete and edit the proxies in the same list you added them.



    Part 9 - Dreambot Script Scheduler




    What is the script scheduler?

    This is an EXTREMELY useful tool for those of you who either don't have time or just don't enjoy stopping a script, walking somewhere, and starting another script every couple hours.
    This tool will be free for any user for the first month of release, and then will be available to only for VIP and higher members


    How to Use

    To begin, open the script overview page (the play button), choose your account, and press the Schedule button (red below)

    Pressing Schedule will show this page:
    It's simple to add a script to your schedule, just select the script, press Setup, fill out the GUI (if the script has one), then press the + button to add it to the schedule.
    Once you add a script, you have a few choices for how long you want that script to run before going to the next one.
    You can choose to use time, or one of the scripts custom variables (if the script supports it).
    Let's say you want to buy 1000 kebabs, and then go mining for an hour, and then fletch 1000 bows. This is how you'd have your scripts setup:


    and then just press Start Schedule, it's as easy as that!


    For Scripters

    Please note that everything below is 100% optional, but I encourage you all to make your scripts schedule supported.

    There are a few things you'll need to add/change for your script to work with our scheduler:
    • All setting GUI's must start in onStart
    • You must call setStartTile(Tile) in your onStart to let the scheduler know where to walk to before starting your script
    • If you have a variable you'd like to be schedule-able (like fletched items or kebabs bought above), simply use this in your script (please note that these variables must be a number of some sort):
    @ScheduleVariable(name = "Kebabs Bought")
    private int kebabsBought = 0;
    Do all that, and your script will be 100% scheduler ready!




    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or suggestions!

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    its okay, the guide was good so it makes up for the white text :P


    I've edited the white text and made it the default grey text :P Forgot that people still use the default version of the website 

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    I loved the guide.

    though "You may click "x" on the console. The console prints logs and errors for the script, irrelevant for the user of the script." should be changed, as the console can be pretty important for scripters if the script crashes, the user can copy/paste the error in the console for quick fixes. ;)

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    I loved the guide.

    though "You may click "x" on the console. The console prints logs and errors for the script, irrelevant for the user of the script." should be changed, as the console can be pretty important for scripters if the script crashes, the user can copy/paste the error in the console for quick fixes. ;)


    Thanks! I've edited it :) 

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