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  • Sub Tempoross


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    • Superior Minigame Mechanics!
      • Makes optimal decisions to maximize success rate
      • Dodges fires and thunderstrikes flawlessly
      • Repairs masts
      • Supports solo and mass mode
      • The most advanced Tempoross script on the market!
    • Customizable Strategy
      • Customize the strategy the script will use to make each bot unique!
      • Choose to maximize XP or Rewards
      • Choose reaction speed
      • Choose amount of cycles to kill Tempoross
      • Choose bucket amount
    • Customizable Equipment 
      • Choose your equipment from any items in the game.
      • Supports Imcando hammer, all harpoons, spirit angler outfit and more!
      • Choose automatic equipment upgrades for the script to buy when they become available.
    • Automatic Grand Exchange restocking!
      • The script will stock up on supplies and automatically return to the GE when all supplies have been used.
      • No manual actions needed ever! Once the bot is started, it never needs to be stopped unless you want it to.
    • Automatic Looting & Selling
      • Option to automatically loot the rewards pool when the desired amount of tickets is reached
      • Option to automatically open all caskets
      • Set a custom list of items to sell, and the price to sell them at, or use the default settings to instant sell all loot!
      • No need to resupply the bot ever! By automatically selling loot, the script is fully self-sufficient.
    • Profit, XP & Rewards trackers
      • Keep track of your configuration's performance and optimize it by monitoring the profit, XP & rewards trackers!
    • Memory and CPU efficent
      • The most resource efficient Tempoross script, on the most resource efficient botting client!
      • Run a large scale farm with minimal resources.
    • Supports DreamBot's built-in breaking system


    1. Log into your account (or let the script log you in)

    2. Start the script near the GE, or with a ring of wealth, and use the graphical interface to set up the script:



    On the Overview page, you can select your supplies, and other customization options. 

    The Region should be set to the location of your IP address (or your proxy if you are using one) to avoid lag. This determines the world that the bot will use.

    The Reaction speed setting allows you to customize the behavior of the script, to differentiate it from other botters and avoid detection.

    The Bucket amount option determines how many buckets will be used during the minigame.

    The Cycles per kill option determines how many cycles the script will use to perform a Tempoross kill. Less cycles leads to more rewards per hour, while more cycles improves your XP/hr.

    The Collect rewards option determines whether the script will collect rewards from the reward pool automatically. If enabled, rewards will be collected when the desired amount of tickets is reached. 



    Add gear to the Priority List and the script will choose the highest ranked equipment item that it can use.

    If you want the script to automatically purchase an item if it is missing, select the item in the Priority List and tick the Allow Purchase option at the bottom.




    On the Buying/Selling page, you can customize the buying and selling process, the pricing, as well as set up automed selling of loot.

    The Sell Items list determines which items will be sold, and how many of that item will always be kept in the bank. To add an item, enter it's exact name in the item name field, and the amount to keep next to it (optional). Then press the add button.

    The Buy/Sell Pricing panel on the left determines the price that the script will enter to buy and sell items on the GE.

    In the same panel, the Enter Price Mode setting determines how the price will be entered:
            Buttons: The script will use the +5% and -5% buttons to set the price as close as possible to your target.
            Typing: The script will type the price, flattened to within 1% of your target.
            Adaptive: The script will use buttons when it would take few button presses to set the price, and otherwise types the price.
            Random: The script will choose a random option each time it is buying/selling an item.


    3. Press 'Run' in the bottom right.

    To choose which gear to use, simply have the gear in your bank - the script will always choose the best equipment you own.


    Minimum stats:
    35 Fishing



    Human Mouse

    All Sub™ scripts implement a unique, privately developed human mouse movement algorithm based on modified Bernstein polynomials. Mouse movement is calibrated using real human data to be fluid, natural, and efficient.

    Human Interactions

    Instead of using DreamBot's default methods of interaction, all Sub™ scripts implement a privately developed set of custom client interactions that distinguish it from all other public scripts. The goal is to make the signature of the script as unique as that of a private client.

    Behavioral Randomization

    With advanced reaction time distributions, data driven behavioral patterns, Gaussian walking, and banking/GE randomization, each script execution becomes unique.



    Quick Start / CLI Instructions

    Quick start will launch your last used configuration without opening the GUI. To launch with quick start add the following as the last command line parameter:  -params "default"

    For a full guide on setting up and using Quick Start / CLI, see here.

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    Script is very inefficient. Fails multiple attempts due to how it paths during the storms causing it to get hit and lose items. Ran trial for an hour and only earn 7 permits.  Changing setting to XP mode, will follow up after another hour.  

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    Tried to test it on trial, needs ring of wealth or to start at ge when im an ironman else it wont start even if im at tempoross (so basically cant run it)

    Edited by panda lo
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    Sub Tempoross has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.5 and is available in the client!
    Time since request was made: 6 hours, 54 minutes, 46 seconds

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    Sub Tempoross Lifetime has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.6 and is available in the client!
    Time since request was made: 10 hours, 9 minutes, 28 seconds

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