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  • DreamBot v3.14.0 [BREAKING CHANGES]


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    Hello everyone!

    A new version of DreamBot is now live!


    • [BREAKING] Removed deprecated classes, methods, and fields carried over from DreamBot 2
      • If your private script no longer functions (very likely if it hasn't been updated for these changes) you can still access the previous build of the client here: https://downloads.dreambot.org/dreambot-3.13.21-legacy.jar. Please note that this will not be updated forever, so please have your private script updated to support the latest build of the client.
    • Completely reworked Local and Web pathfinders (see thread) and walking itself
      • New Web Walking nodes include:
        • Gnome Gliders
        • Charter Ships
        • Spirit Trees
        • Fairy Rings
        • Teleports including magic, items, and equipment
      • Path finding is now much more randomized, allowing for various different paths to be taken locally and via the web pathfinder
      • Improved performance
      • More human-like tile selection when walking
    • Cleaned and refactored our internals

    Just a reminder that all injectables features are currently in beta testing and as such are VIP+ features only. You can find information on the injectables here.

    Always remember, to be on the latest version of our client you must run DBLauncher.jar! The client does NOT update itself!


    The Dream Team

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    • Pandemic changed the title to DreamBot v3.14.0 [BREAKING CHANGES]

    Thanks for posting the last revision of client! The main scripts I was using don't currently work with new client.

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    12 hours ago, AsBakedAsCake said:

    Everything seems to be working fine with the new release!

    But I'm getting some NPE's I didn't get before - mostly happens before client even logs in @Pandemic:




    i have errors like those + interacting didn't return true in some cases

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    Walking->click tile on minimap isn't working as expected in this release.

    Edited by jex123
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    1 hour ago, abouhanafy87 said:

    i have errors like those + interacting didn't return true in some cases

    I'd imagine we'll have some answers soon :)

    Regardless of the errors/NPE's my scripts seem to be working fine so far.. ~15 hours running.

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    Local pathfinder list is empty for some reason. Force walk randomly. Fixed this

    gameobject go= gameobjects.closest(id)

    If (!chk) go.interact("Mine");

    It's interact in the two cases (chk = true or chk = false)  @Pandemic

    Edited by abouhanafy87
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