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    1. interactforceleft() interacted one more time first force left and the other in menu select a choise in menu this is very fast not like a human Camera.rotate to entity() its more than rotate object.isonscreen() didn't work right and suck function . plz rewrite it. this is some functions i see that is not human like thanks for you
    2. The bot didn't catch widget as like its didnt move to the right place i chose
    3. How can I use setDropPattern ? What's the pattern inside it ?
    4. this is my mine func private void mine() { currentNode = GameObjects.closest(oreID ); if(currentNode !=null) { if (currentNode.getID() == oreID) { //if your'e free if (currentNode.interactForceLeft("Mine")) { sleepUntil(() -> !currentNode.exists(), Calculations.random(5000, 30000));// this make my code to freeze } } } } i want to make another function to catch other rocks and regist it's time how can i make it when my code is freeze in my mining function . i want to make catch function in another thread but i want some help . thanks for you
    5. I want to check other rocks and regist it in table through mining
    6. How can i use thread to make mining function and run beside my code
    7. public void checkRocks(){ rok1 = GameObjects.getTopObjectOnTile(new Tile(2501,5066, 0)); rok2 = GameObjects.getTopObjectOnTile(new Tile(2498,5065, 0)); rok3 = GameObjects.getTopObjectOnTile(new Tile(2504,5059, 0)); if (rok1 != null){ if(rok1.exists() && rok1.getID()==oreID && !rock1) { rock1 = true; log("rock 1 is now light ..o..");//this is work } }else { if(rock1){ rock1 = false; log("rock 1 is gone *"); } } if (rok2 != null){ if(rok2.exists() && rok2.getID()==oreID && !rock2) { rock2 = true; log("rock 2 is now light ..oo.."); } }else { if(rock2) { rock2 = false; log("rock 2 is gone **");// here not work } } if (rok3 != null){ if(rok3.exists() && rok3.getID()==oreID && !rock3) { rock3 = true; log("rock 3 is now light ..ooo.."); } }else { if(rock3) { rock3 = false; log("rock 3 is gone ***"); } } }
    8. Like the cat who are talk and there's a man who give you a sandwich and the man who acted take you to the present and the man who request from you to help him to build a bee home
    9. pick items from random or follow many or some patterns . This is good but i didn't want to follow one pattern every time.
    10. @Pandemic test Inventory.getRandom() It doesn't work with me
    11. Because it will be more humanity
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