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  • Sub Slayer - Advanced [ALL masters] [ALL tasks] [210+ alternative enemies] [Level 3 AIO] [Fully automated] [Prayer flicking]


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    • ALL slayer masters
      • Turael/Spria
      • Krystilia (Wilderness Slayer)
      • Mazchna
      • Vannaka
      • Chaeldar
      • Konar
      • Nieve
      • Duradel
    • ALL 120 slayer tasks
    • A total of 210+ alternative enemies
    • Virtual tasks (killing without slayer task)
    • 1-tick prayer flicking (optional)
    • Level 3 All-In-One support
    • Virtual Tasks
    • Fully automated
      • Upgrades gear (customizable)
      • Equips custom gear sets based on task 
      • Buys and collects food/potions/slayer tools
      • Collects all supplies
      • Sells loot (optional)
      • Decants potions (optional)
      • Gets new tasks
      • Selects and uses prayers
      • NO manual actions needed EVER
    • Superior slayer monster support
    • Custom strategy selection
    • Tactical positioning to minimize damage taken
    • Gear customization
      • Choose different gear sets based on task
      • Choose an automatic upgrade progression
      • ALL equipment in the game supported
      • Automatically charges blowpipe/barrows (if chosen)
    • Fully customizable
      • Customize task skipping
      • Customize enemy selection
      • Customize supplies
      • Customize looting
      • Customize Grand Exchange pricing
      • Customize training stats
      • Customize completion condition
    • Supports Melee & Ranged



    Your account needs coins so that the script can purchase supplies for you. At least 200k is recommended.

    1. Log in (or let the script log you in).

    2. Start the script near the GE, or with a ring of wealth, and use the graphical interface to set up the script:


    Overview Page

    Hard Tasks (top left): This is the strategy the script will use for hard tasks. Hard tasks are tasks with a difficulty equal to or above the selected 'Min Difficulty'. The difficulty of each task can be checked on the Tasks page (see below). Choose strategies such as Prayer pots (pricey & fast), 1-tick Prayer flicking (efficient), and Food only (slower & cheap)

    Region: Select your region. Only worlds of the selected region will be used to minimize lag (important for prayer flicking).

    Skill Training: These skills will be trained while completing slayer tasks. If the skill training is complete, offensive skills will be trained evenly.

    Ranged Pots/Food: The selected supplies will be used for tasks. Select the amount of boost potions, and the remainder of the inventory will be filled with food.

    Stop Condition: Select one of 4 types of stop conditions. When this condition is completed, the script will stop.



    Tasks Customization

    Not Skipped: Tasks in the left column will be completed. Green tasks are unlocked on your account, and red tasks are not unlocked yet and cannot be assigned to you by slayer masters.

    Skipped: Tasks in the right column will be skipped by the script. To move a task here, select it in the left column and click the arrow pointing to the right. To use Turael to skip the tasks, tick the 'Skip with Turael' box (resets task streak). Otherwise, the task will be cancelled using 30 slayer points.

    Enemy Selection: To choose which enemy to kill for each task, select the task in the left column, and then select the enemy in the drop down menu in the bottom left. By default, the easiest enemy will be chosen.



    Gear Customization

    The gear customization interface allows you to choose a custom gear set for any situation and any quest. By dragging & dropping a list of gear items, you can specify their priority. The script will use this list to choose its gear and automatically upgrade based on the order of the items you added.

    ALL equipment in the game is supported, including fashionscape and degradable items like Blowpipe and Barrows. Blend in with real players by creating unique sets of equipment that no other botters are using.

    If you choose a degradable item like the Blowpipe or Barrows equipment, the script will automatically notice when it degrades, and repair/recharge it!



    Loot Customization

    Minimum Loot Value: All loot with a value above the entered amount will be picked up. There are two different values, depending on whether the loot item is stackable or not.

    Special Loot: Tick the boxes to select which common untradable items to loot.

    Additional Loot: In addition to other loot, all items in the 'Additional Loot' list will be looted, no matter their value. You can add loot to this list with the fields underneath this list.

    Drop food for loot: If the 'Drop food for loot' option is ticked, food will be dropped when a valid loot item is on the ground and your inventory is full. If this option isn't ticked the loot will be ignored until you have space in your inventory.



    Gear Upgrades: The script will automatically upgrade your gear using budget items when you unlock them. To use more expensive gear, purchase the gear before you start the script and place it in your bank. The script will always choose the best gear in your bank.

    After setting up the script, hit "Run" in the bottom right.


    Buying & Selling Customization





    Human Mouse

    All Sub™ scripts implement a unique, privately developed human mouse movement algorithm based on modified Bernstein polynomials. Mouse movement is calibrated using real human data to be fluid, natural, and efficient.

    Human Interactions

    Instead of using DreamBot's default methods of interaction, all Sub™ scripts implement a privately developed set of custom client interactions that distinguish it from all other public scripts. The goal is to make the signature of the script as unique as that of a private client.

    Behavioral Randomization

    With advanced reaction time distributions, data driven behavioral patterns, Gaussian walking, and banking/GE randomization, each script execution becomes unique.



    Quick Start / CLI Instructions

    Quick start will launch your last used configuration without opening the GUI. To launch with quick start add the following as the last command line parameter:  -params "default"

    For a full guide on setting up and using Quick Start / CLI, see here.



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    superior slayer bosses aren't a thing.
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    • SubCZ changed the title to Sub Slayer AIO [ALL masters] [ALL tasks] [210+ alternative enemies] [Level 3 AIO] [Fully automated] [Prayer flicking]
    Sub Slayer AIO Lifetime has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v2.4 and is available in the client!

    • Fixed black knights task
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    Sub Slayer AIO has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v2.4 and is available in the client!

    • Fixed black knights task
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